So It’s Tuesday….

So it’s Tuesday and I’d like to say I have a thought inspiring, maybe even something funny or wacky to post and no I don’t.
I’m keepin on for this every day posting thing. Have I mentioned it hasn’t been easy?

This week (yes I realize it’s only Tuesday) has been sorta rough…I’m sure it’s just hormones and everything else. I’m so very sick of belly aching about belly aching. I’m thinkng right this instant that when I get this way, the only thing to cure this is to start sending out the positive vibes. Oh yeah…

-The hubs has been really on the ball with the kids. At least he’s giving me that illusion. I’m just leaving it at that, as this is all about the positive thoughts. He did make a “menu plan” which was thoughtful of him. 🙂
-I’m actually “home” already for Thanksgiving and travel will be nill. I’m probably more thankful for that than anything at this moment. This makes a lot of things more bearable since I only get Thursday off. I will also say that I took for granted the privelege of having Thurs. and Frid. off. I always assumed that was “standard”.
-As much as I should be excited about this, I’m trying to be low key cause the thought of purchasing a vehicle really does make me slightly nervous. The hubs and my dad have a mission on Friday to find me one. Yes I’m very very scared. I have been doing some research and submitted my suggestions, still this is my father and husband finding me a vehicle. I’m seriously thinking of Forrest’s phrase “lifes like a used car lot, you never know what your gonna get.” he said that I swear!
-Ok this is turning more random than postive but it’s still kinda positive as well..sorta… You remember my 40 at 42 list? Yeah I’d link up but time is a precious commodity… any who… you remember one of my lifes dreams is to become a level 40 in Farm Town and buy my mansion? Oh the irony that is my Farm Town life. I was a level 39, so stinkin close to leveling it wasn’t even funny. I had visions of mansions firmly planted in my farm town head. Just take a wild guess on what they did? Go ahead… If you said, Farm Town realized my life dream then crushed it by deciding to up the levels to 60, add more seeds, and oh I don’t know, bump the level up for buying a mansion to 41, than you would be correct sir…er ma’am. I’m thrilled for new seeds and stuff but the timing…timing bad. I’m so sorry you guys get the brunt of my Farm Town passion. It is an addiction and I’m in rehab (where rehab equals farmville).

I have been told that I actually am doing a “good job”…I’m not too convinced yet though. I am my own worse critic though.


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