The Day Book Nov 22

Outside My Window: Very beautiful fall day. We got a good portion of the leaves done in the front yard. The back yard is a whole ‘nother story. It was also obviously a nice day for the neighbor to put up the Christmas lights. I guess he figures better now than when it’s freezing cold.

I Am Hearing: Children playing around and QVC ( I can’t help it, it’s a guilty pleasure when nothing else is on)

I Am Thinking: Tomorrow’s another day. It’s been interesting, things kind of changed in my department on Friday and I now have a new supervisor. Something tells me if your not a fan of change, it may be a struggle to keep up around this place.
We’re also still thinking of the car situation and exactly what we want to do about that. Of course my parents are all on board to help us out with a vehicle. Thing is, we really want to try and handle this on our own but know that that may still be impossible. We also know, that I don’t really want to break down in the middle of rush hour traffic and have the possibility of fixing it and then something else go wrong right after. Which is bound to happen with all the different quirks the van has. Sigh!

I Am Thankful For: The generosity of my parents of course. I am thankful for a new job no matter how hard a week I had of adjusting. I know that things will get better once I get adjusted. Oh and I’m really thankful for weekends. 🙂

I Wearing: My fave jeans and purple shirt

I Am Hoping: That we will get to see New Moon next weekend. We were all set to do it today but my mom has come down with a bit of a cold and didn’t feel she could watch the kids. So I also hope she gets better soon.

From The Kitchen: The plan was for me to report the previous weeks meals from the new hired cook the hubs. I have to say that we had carry out way to much this week. He started out good the first half of the week and then it went down hill from there. I think it’s hilarious. If I would have declared us to go out and the hubs working, I would have been easily denied and questioned why I couldn’t fix something after being home all day. To give the hubs credit he is trying with the laundry, and whatever else. The kitchen is not really his forte and he likes to use every dang pot in the house. It also doesn’t help that I will easily cave to not have to cook/clean the kitchen and eat out. So no complaints from me. Oh and it’s the whole Turkey day thing. I only get Thursday off which makes me kind of pouty.

I Am Reading: I’m still doing the school thing. It’s getting to the point where I have one course at work to read over which I do during my lunch break and then I work on the Illustrator course at night before bed. I feel like a learning machine at this point with training stuff for work and then school.

I Am Creating: A whole heck of a lot of nothing, and I’m perfectly happy to say that.

Around The House: I actually did get the house cleaned up a little yesterday. Is it sad that I really am a lot more productice when working? I’m pretty sure it’s because I really do just want to move around after sitting 8 full hours and not moving much. Plus the guilt or something.

One of my Favorite Things: When the whole family is outside together accomplishing a big task. It’s just awesome.

A Few Plans for the Rest of Week: The kids are out Wed, Thurs, Fri, and that means the hubs will be on full time dad duty for Wed, Friday and so on. Which could be interesting.

A Pic. Thought: I haven’t really been taking pics lately. Hopefully next week.


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