If things get a little too MEME(ie) around here, well… it’s because my brain cells are beyond dead. Just know, all went well for the First Day. Lots of information to digest and learn! It’s certainly going to be “work” but it also looks to be a very good company that really does a lot for it’s employees. I can’t ask for anymore than that.
On that note I found this Meme of Firsts from Jennifer @ PlayGroupsAreNoPlaceForChildren, which I felt appropriate for today.
First memory: I have no idea how old I was, but I can remember getting mad at my parents for something and deciding to runaway. I was going to live in the backyard, I had my clothes all hung out on the clothesline and a bunch of my toys. I planned to live on strawberries from the strawberry patch and all going to be good. I’m sure I lasted all of 20 minutes.

First celebrity obsession crush: Strangely Bob Hope. He was my “imaginary friend”. If that counts as a crush. The next would have to be Luke Perry from 90210..hangs head in shame.

First dog: Inkey. He was my parents first baby and he lived forever. RIP Inkey.

First memory of being jealous: Mmm… I’m sure there was some kind of jealously when my baby sister came along.

First time eating a cherry tomato: This one, I really can’t say.

First kiss: Well I kind of did a Dear Diary repost on it awhile back his name was John or something like that…cough cough.

First sleepover: That would be at L’s house, my long time sister girl neighbor. Alls I can remember is I had these bootie like socks that had the little colored balls on the end (remember those?) anyways for some odd reason I twisted the little balls together while wearing them and couldn’t get them undone. I think I ended up ripping them off. My memory is crazy on what it remembers.

First time attending Sunday School: Mmmm….seeing as I was pretty much doing some kind of religous education from the very begining. Nothing spectacular to remember.

First roller coaster ride: I’m pretty sure it was Frontier City in OKC, I’m also sure it was with the summer camp thing with the YMCA.

First favorite brand name: I’m going to say Guess was the first brand name i first ever deemed want worthy.

First pair of Guess Jeans: It was a long time after Guess was popular before I got my first pair, it was probably fading out. I want to say 8th or 9th grade. I’m also pretty sure that was the first and last pair of Guess jeans I got. They were the ever so cool button fly and stone washed (of course).

First huge misunderstanding: My brain is mush and I’m at a blank. I can’t even think of any misunderstanding at the moment, not to say there isn’t any…more like so many.

First time being mistaken for a boy: I did have my hair shorter than everage for a long time. Can’t really remember specifically. I do remember after having my first kid and getting my hair cut short for one less thing to worry about. I was at the mall and apparently a UPS guy or someone pushing a huge cart of something was behind me and kept saying “Sir, excuse me sir, can I get by.” I didn’t realize he was talking to me. Embarrassing!

First huge disappointment: I remember going to my bff L’s aunts on the promise that if we helped her stuff envelopes for her work that we would get to go to Frontier City(an amusement park) the next day. Turned out the next day it was pouring down rain and we couldn’t go. Very disappointed we were!

First big family vacation: Walt Disney World in 6th grade. It wasn’t as enjoyable as it should have been. My mom’s brother had had a stroke a few days before we left and my mother was overly stressed and worried. She alsmost didn’t go because of it.

First heartbreak: 9th grade, that guy “John” I mentioned earlier.

First stay in the hospital: Son number 1, after C-section.

First car: A beige 1985 Chevy Caprice aka the boat. It was a love hate relationship with the boat, it was so dang big and embarrassing to drive, yet everyone loved that we could pack a good 6-7 people with no prob. She did drive like a dream in hindsight.

First job: besides babysitting, Subway.

First paycheck: I think it was about $90. I still have the first stub in my scrapbook.

First promotion: Back at my beloved old company, from tech support rep to team lead. Big time stuff people!

First apartment: Technically not apartment but my parents rent house..hubby and I’s first home.

First blog not on Myspace: Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tales. You know because I have all boys. Not sure why it didn’t “stick”

First baby: Game Boy

First daughter: nada

First husband: the hubs C, eveyone remembers his name right? 🙂



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