Day Book: Nov 15th

I know what your thinking, she’s posting Day Book a day early. It looks like things are going to be all jacked around in the next few weeks while I figure out a new “posting schedule” with the new job. So bare with me.

Outside My Window: It’s getting colder and it’s rainy. I’m not thrilled with this.

I’m Hearing: These dudes talking on the hubbies Guild Chat. Don’t ask what it is, well I’ll tell you anyway. It’s a bunch of game geeks that chat at each other with their fancy microphones and headphones and talk about the game. I’m sure you know which one I speak of(WoW). The hubs doesn’t use headphones. I guess he likes the whole house to hear the geek(s) speak. I told you he’s a Guild Leader of about 400 people right? He’s like the king man, and these dudes like worship him, and he has to manage these people and boot them off if they don’t abide by the rules. He’s got a whole little advisory group and everything. To bad you can’t put this kind of thing down on a resume; cause in a scary way it’s really impressive. I know TMI…sorry.

I’m Thinking: The nerves are slowly starting up on the new job thing. I’m apprehensive about the drive and starting out. Of course I’m putting all of these pointless questions in my brain like; “What if I’m horrible at this?” or “What if the people are really wacked and crazy and don’t like me?” or “What if I get stuck in traffic and am late?” all of that crazy fun first jitters kind of stuff. Luckily it is the first day and I’m pretty sure they won’t be expecting to much awesomeness out of me…yet. I’m just mainly going to be filling out paperwork, and all the HR rigamole. I’m really looking forward to it and am just glad it’s so new that it’s not Sunday evening and I’m in that I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow mode. I’m sure there will be plenty of time for that.

I Am Thankful For: A new start, new opportunities.

I Am Wearing: khaki pants and a blue turtle neck I’m just trying to stay warm basically.

I Am Hoping: Things do go well tomorrow. I’m sure it will. I’m hoping that I love the job and the people, the people really make a big difference, when you have to spend 8 hrs with them 5 days a week.

From The Kitchen: I honestly don’t have a plan this week. I’m letting the hubs take over the reins in kitchen duty. It should be very interesting, and he’s not a planner when it comes to dinner. This may change depending on how long he’s stuck doing this. I’m thinking since I most likely will be doing Day Book on Sundays now, that I will rehash what I had for dinner the week before, just for fun. Aren’t (aren’t is a word right? it looks funny) you excited?

I Am Reading: Still doing my computer studies. I’ve got a whole ‘nother 10 chapters to go for the next and last test. Sadly this is all the reading I’ll be doing/have time for, for a long while. At least I am still expanding my mind in a sorta good way.

I Am Creating: A baby shower if that counts. I’m throwing a baby shower for my very best homegirl S, with her step mom. It should be fun. I felt it’s high time that I get to do something like this now that I’m back home. It’s not until mid December..I haven’t even told her when yet… Dec 12 or 13th work for ya S? I’ve got a few ideas and just waiting to hear back input from the step mom. I’m so excited she’s having a girl after two boys and I hopefully get to spoil her and be her Auntie Jeanie, cause Auntie Jeanie needs a baby girl to spoil! 🙂

Around The House: I’m not even going to worry about the house at this point in time. As long as dishes are clean, laundry is done enough to have clothes, and toilets are decently clean enough to use, I’m good.

One of My Favorite Things: I’m honestly drawing a blank. Fresh clean smelling laundry, a warm fire in the stove, cookies baking in the oven. All these things would be lovely right this second, sadly it’s not happening at this point in time.

A Few Plans For The Rest of The Week: I’m totally going day by day on this, but I’m pretty sure my biggest plan is going to work every day. Call me crazy.

Picture Thought: This was the 1st runner up in my choices for I Heart Faces this week. Look for the “winner” tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Day Book: Nov 15th

  1. Good luck! I’ll be thinking of you today! If I know you, you’ll get there at least an hour early! Hehe. Yes, the 12th or 13th will be great! Whatever is great with me!!!

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