The Day I Fired JoJo

If you know me well enough, then you know it takes A LOT to tick me off. I’m so easy going, that I’m probably more of a pushover than anything. I hate to stir up controversy and will completely back down or run the other direction to avoid even the slightest bit of a stir. I admit I’m a big wimpy baby.
All that said, someone finally found and pushed the wrong button and my wrath began to show…
As most of you know, I’m a recovering Farmtown addict. Which is where our story begins
The fun thing about Farmtown is you can go to the market and hire random strangers begging for work people to work on your farm. All of the many many moons that I have played Farmtown, I’ve never had a single problem hiring someone to work the farm. What I mean is that; everyone has always been very courteous and appreciative to “get work”. I had one little misunderstanding about harvesting my trees (in other words; DONT MESS WITH MY TREES!) but it was really no big deal…the fruit actually does grow back.
The other night I did normal hiring thing for the farm. I hired JoJo. JoJo was fast on the harvest and didn’t say much, which is normal. People just do their job, get paid, thank you for your time, and their off on their merry way. When JoJo finished her harvest she asked to plow. I was willing to oblige, no problem. There’s one small jinky thing with Farmtown and that is even if all of your crops are harvested and you click to hire to plow, it will say there are no crops to plow. The easy fix is to just refresh, no big deal. I literally told JoJo “one sec” so that I could refresh to hire her. She immediately responded “one sec is up” Haha very funny, only my husband is allowed to get away with that sarcasm. I honestly figured she was joking. She then began “one sec is up, can I plow now?” Uhm a little bit impatient are we? I responded back that, “I had to refresh” The instant I came back, she was already up in my grill (not really) saying I was back now and could she please plow now.” Sheesh!
Farmtown also has another little quirk, where even if the harvest appears done, the farmer still has to tend to each and every crop. So she’s moving around still harvesting and it’s hard to click on someone that’s constantly moving. The whole time I’m trying to click she’s still asking “Please can I plow now?” “Blah Blah” I explained that I was trying to click on her and that yes I was going to hire her. She still kept chattering. That’s when I said “Enough of that!” “Your fired!” and booted her off the farm. Dang it felt good!
The hubs mentioned that now she’s going to run to all the Farmtown folks and say I was the big meanie and no one will want to work for me. Little does he know that Farmtown is a ginormous society with a million servers(not really) and the chances of me seeing her again are 1 in never.
Fear my Farmtown Wrath!

This random pointless story brought to you today by NaBloPoMo, where posting everyday for a month is challenging yet satisfying.


4 thoughts on “The Day I Fired JoJo

  1. Heh! I’ve wondered what all that stuff is about on FB! Good to know!
    I think it’s neat that you can do things like that anonymously on the internet, when I know there’s no way I’d be able to do it in real life!

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