February and March

I was supposed to do this for Wordless Wednesday but really what does it matter what day?
I decided to go with pick number 1 with all three of the boys for January. I like to start the year off with a good pic of all 3 together.
Now since I had one or two faves from January means that it could be a good contender for February. For some reason I was short on any good pics so the runners up for Jan are up for Feb. See how nice that works?

Admits this one is my fave and I think would be fun for Feb.


Here’s the Pics for March. Are you seeing the method to my madness?



I’m seriously considering doing a collage like pic for each of these two months, to use all 3, which I think would be fun.


3 thoughts on “February and March

  1. I really like pic number 2 for February though all are adorable. And for March #1 is my favorite but I do like your collage idea. I did collages for the first two years that I made photo calendars. This year I am “trying something new” by only using one picture – it’s HARD!

  2. Good job! you know what you need to do is make calendars for all your relatives with pictures of the boys on them looking appropriate for each month. Good Christmas gifts!

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