Thursday 13: The Hubs Edition

The hubs and I have spent more time together in the last 5 months than we probably have our entire marriage. Both of us not working and being at home 24 hours a day 7 days a week, will do that to a person. To say we have or haven’t driven each other to the loony bin is yet to be determined. Here’s 13 quirky things the hubs has said or done just today. Everyday is certainly an interesting one.

1. He drove through the library book drop off Exit instead of the Entrance, so I could be the one to drop off the books. (He did this a long time ago for the ATM when we dating also)

2. Since day one of dating we both make it a habit of tearing off the paper from the straw and then blowing the rest of the paper off into each other’s face. Sometimes he’s successful and sometimes not, today he was successful and nearly got me in the eye. Paper cut in the eye anyone?

3. Made a bet with me that my dad would not know that Ellen is gay. The hubs assumed my dad wouldn’t even know who Ellen is, much less if she is gay. I happened to win that bet…thank you very much.

4. Long story on this one. The hubs called the drivers license place to find out the cost of a new license for a new resident (procrastinators we are). They told him the computers were down for now so it would be pointless to come in now anyway. He called back later to ask if they were back up and it was a quick answer and he hung up the phone. I asked if they were back up and he said no. We left it at that, and left to run errands, as we were driving he asked if I brought the paperwork to get the licenses. No, because you told me the computers were still down. His response- I WAS JOKING! Seriously why would you joke about the computers still being down? He thought I was able to hear that the guy said the computers were back up. SIGH!

5. There is a obvious former police car that is for sale in the next town over. The hubs and I are talking about my van situation as the transmission, were afraid is about to give out. We don’t exactly want to make car payments yet but also don’t feel it’s worth it to fix the van when we probably could get something better as it’s about that time for things go to south. Anyway, the hubs jokingly mentioned we could buy the police car and then I could go WooWoo out the window and people would probably get out of my way, on my way to work. We are weird individuals we are.

6. The hubs has decided that backing into our newly cleaned out (not really clean more like stuff moved around so the other car can get in) garage would be easier as he would have more room on the passenger side than on the drivers side. I told him that he should just Dukes of Hazzard it and climb in and out instead of opening the door. This got on a conversation that we should have dressed the boys up in a Dukes of Hazzard theme for Halloween. We had the perfect Bo and Luke Duke and Bossy Boy could be Boss Hog. We think that would be so awesome but no one under 20 would probably get it and our kids would think we have completely lost our minds. Aw well. It’s sounds really hilarious in our heads.

7. Since I won the Ellen bet, the hubs was supposed to do the Wii Active with me. Somehow I didn’t think my bet through, as now I will also have to get up off my duff and do the Wii Active every day. It doesn’t seem like a fairly won deal on my part.

8. For some reason the hubs thinks it’s perfectly fine to just gander in Lowe’s but then sends me to just “run in” to Target for dog food. I finally outed him on this saying it’s not fair that we can gander at “his store” but not “mine”.

9. I also outed the hubs on the morning routine. I told him that I know exactly how the new morning routine is going to work. He’s going to get up in the morning long enough to get the kids up and ready for school and the very second that the last kid has stepped foot on the bus, he’s turning around and going right straight to bed. He tried to throw it back in my face by saying I do/did the same thing. My defense I only did it occasionally. Since Ellen comes on at 9 here there really is no point in going back to bed just to get up in 30 minutes. I’m just sayin!

10. Speaking of Ellen, I think I’ve got the hubs hooked on it but he would never in a million years admit to it. You’d think this post was more about Ellen than the hubs…whatever.

11. The hubs is known to park in one place when I run into the store and then park somewhere else while I’m gone so that I come out of the store and look for him in one direction and he be in the other. He gets a thrill out of me looking like a goober searching for the car. He has also been known to honk the horn at me to embarrass me and let me know where he is. (Do you see the abuse I get?) Anyways, when I ran into the store today and came out, I was prepared for him to move, so I started walking in the complete opposite direction even though the car was literally right in front of me and he hadn’t moved. Oh you know he loved that even more than him moving the car to get a laugh.

12. The hubs has declared me his snooze button, a generous time giving snooze button at that.

13. I told the hubs that he’s probably going to do a happy dance on Monday in accord to my finally getting out of his hair. He did indeed say he was going to miss me a little. I mean who’s going to fix his lunch and wash his clothes now? He’s joking of course. I think.


4 thoughts on “Thursday 13: The Hubs Edition

  1. BWAHAHAHAHA! I love that! I can safely say that I am seeing many of the same types of things in John. Just weird little idiosyncrasies that I would never know if we weren’t STUCK IN THE SAME HOUSE TOGETHER. Ahem, I mean if he weren’t recuperating from the hospital stay and strange heart problems.
    I told him years ago that he would love Ellen if he would just watch it. When he was in California a good time back he was trying to find something to watch on TV to pass the time in the motel room and started watching Ellen. I must say he actually said the words, “You were right…”. Red letter day on the calendar.

  2. Too funny! Having never seen Ellen… what’s the draw?

    And I HATE having to look for the car when coming out of the store so that would really make me mad! 🙂

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