Bloggers and Tiaras- Beauty Is

Beauty is – Waking up at the crack of dawn adorned in green pajama pants and a faded red t-shirt to let the dog out and  following  him around armed with plastic bags to catch “a specimen”. Not being concerned at all who or what may be frightened at the site of your presence.

Beauty is–  Being told that you must really dress up for the hubby’s office Christmas party as there will be lots of big wigs there; then once arriving finding out your one of the most dressed up there. He of course knew this and just wanted to show off his “hot wife” because he thinks she is, when she feels she’s just an ordinary housewife.

Beauty is– Is having enough courage to squeeze your big toe in that pre-last baby swimsuit; because it’s the only one you have, and dang it the kids want to go swimming.

Beauty is– Having confidence in yourself to face the world when life throws you a few punches; like your husband losing what we thought was his new dream job and you have to dust yourself off, and throw some punches back at the world by you yourself heading back into the workforce.

Beauty is
– Letting your inner child just hang out for awhile and not care who knows it.

Beauty is– Being told every single day that you’re beautiful on good days and not so good days, even after 11 years of marriage, even when you roll your eyes at your betrothed and wonder what planet he came from.

If you’d like to check out the other lovely contestants for Bloggers and Tiaras Mission 1 go right ahead. Oh and while you’re there could you give a Beauty Queen some love and vote for me, even though beauty isn’t at all about popularity. Please and Thank Ya!


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