Show And Tell Time!

I’ve been telling you guys about my awesome amateur Illustrator Skillz and how I’d love to show off what I’ve been doing so far.
I admit, now that I’ve figured out how to get it to .jpg format and uploaded them, I’m feeling a bit modest in showing them off. Believe me when I say they are completely amateur and I’m by no means an artist, but I’m learning and I’ve got to start somewhere.

This first lesson was basic text editing and shape placement. I’m not fond of these colors but these are the colors instructed for the lesson. It’s amazing the fun stuff you learn in just 1 chapter.

This was the first tracing from a sketch, arranging objects and filling in color and shadows. It’s easier said than done. I’m already seeing parts that are bugging me but dang it I do not want to go over it again.

This bad boy is what I have to submit for my test along with a “logo” design that I haven’t done yet. You don’t even want to know how many weeks Ive played with this thing to get it just right, and it still pales in comparison to what it’s supposed to look like. At this point it’s good enough for me as I’m ready to move on. I’ve spent way to long on something that should have only taken a couple of hours. No he’s not supposed to look evil. The eyebrows for some reason will just not do what I want them to do. I’ll just pretend its the good dogs alter ego.


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