Day Book: 11-09

Outside My Window: I’m still enjoying the marvelous sun and the weather in general. I actually put the kids in long sleeves this morning thinking that there could be no way it’s still going to be nice this week. Looks like I was wrong. Such a pessimist I am.

I Am Hearing: Food Network

I Am Thinking: That I want to get a lot of things done today and this week before my big day; which at this point who knows when that could be, tomorrow, the end of the week, next week. I have to get the boys rooms organized in a way that they and their dad can navigate the method to my madness that is their dresser drawers. Because I can totally see him calling me on my way to work asking where the socks are.

I Am Thankful For: Not having to scour the job ads and not mentally preparing for job interviews anymore. It actually felt so weird Sunday night not having to do that. Sunday was normal search for a job night in these here parts.

I Am Hoping: To just get a lot done before hand. I want to start back on doing more make ahead meals, and getting the house in tip top shape as they may be the last for awhile. Of course I say this even though the hubs will be around. This Freaky Friday role switch is going to be weird for both of us. I like to be in “control” of the house and letting that go to the hubs will be interesting.

From The Kitchen: I mentioned my menu yesterday. I’ll spare you a rehash.

I Am Reading: I’m still just trying to really focus on school so I don’t get to behind. So boring I know!

I Am Creating: A big old pile of not much. I think I’ve got the creative juices out of my system for awhile.

Around The House: The plan is to reorganize dresser drawers once I get done with this post. I also want a heaping helping of laundry done. I’m not asking for much really.

One of My Favorite Things: Happy Hour at Sonic and a Route 44 Dr. Pepper. I realize I got on this big bandwagon of quitting and obviously I didn’t quite see my little plan through. I promise I only indulge in Dr. P one maybe two times a week. I haven’t actually bought a 12 pack of D.P’s since my detox. -I needed to have a bit of a blog confessional.

A Few Plans For The Rest of the Week: Pretty much to lay low until I get the phone call telling me when to come to work. I am so going to try and have the house clean and ready today, so the rest of the week/days I can revel in all good things of staying home like Ellen, blogging, and homework.

A Picture Thought:

This is what happens when the hubs takes the camera for the school play and thinks that by sitting on the side of the auditorium he will get a better shot of his kid. I on the other hand decided to sit in the middle of the auditorium even though it was in the back. I had a perfect view of my son making his Broadway debut, where the hubs did not. The pic does crack me up in a weird way though.
Where’s Game Boy?
You should thank me for sparing you the pics my hubs took of the youngest pretending to throw up, the things he does to entertain his children before Broadway productions.


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