Menu Plan Monday: I’m Back!

smallbuttonOne of my most favorite sites to get inspiration for dinner planning is at Org Junkie’s MPM. Obviously it’s slated for Monday’s, but that doesn’t mean anything, as she normally posts late Sunday night and besides who said we had to stick to the rules?

Since I have been drooling over P.W.’s beautiful cookbook, it was high time I started making some of her recipes. Quite a few recipes of hers I’ve already done, but I love them just the same in the book.

Sunday: P.W’s Chicken Spaghetti -one can never go wrong with that
Monday: Homemade Pizza using P.W.’s pizza dough from the book.
Tuesday: Pork Chops
Wednesday: Baked Fried Chicken
Thursday: Stroganauff
Friday: Leftovers or taco salad


2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday: I’m Back!

  1. I finally bent the hubby’s arm hard enough and he let me buy her book – on the stipulation that I wrap it and save it for Christmas. Still, I am eagerly anticipating cooking my way through that bad boy! Your weekly menu looks delicious!

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