I Better Get A Post In

Your darn tootin it’s going to be random. Just thought I’d warn ya.

-I just kinda want to rehash the work plans, more for me than for you, so you know.
The hubs will be Mr. Mom for awhile, which I guess is only fair, I had my share so why not let him have a go. The plan (we all know how those go) is for him to beef up his web site managing business kind of thing and of course still collect unemployment. The thing is at this point in time, he makes more getting unemployment than what he could get actually getting a job-there’s not anything in this area for the kind of thing he does. He is trying though! It really works out best this way due to the whole child care thing.
The hubs is also doing his online school. I figure he’ll hit the books hard and heavy, once he gets finished, then we’ll tag team and he find a job in his new field (if not sooner) than I either create my web design business, or go to work for my degree..or something. Who knows the bank job could be my dream job and I stick with it forever. Let’s not mention the fact that I will be working full time and doing my school and all that stuff in between. Good thing the hubs “thinks” he’s going to take over the household duties, because homegirl has to find time to blog and facebook too. Priorities ya know. It’s certainly going to be interesting. I’m also fully aware that what plans I have are totally different than what life has planned for me. I still need some kind of guideline no matter who’s plan it is.

-I admit I’m really nervous about this new frontier of work. I’m getting these questions in my head like what if I suck at this or screw up? I’m sure it’s just normal new job never done this kind of stuff before nerves. It’s not like their going to expect me to know what I’m doing right off the bat.

-I’m also planning to relish the last few days of homeness. I plan to take a few naps or two, spend lots of time with my kiddos, watch lots of day time T.V. I so wish we’d get on board the DVR train, but we just haven’t and we really just don’t watch that much T.V. to begin with. I also plan to take lots of ordinary day pics just to rehash the golden days of SAHM hood. I’m also planning to cram a lot of school in so I can get this course of basic computers over (gag) so I don’t get to behind once I get started to work.
On that note, I’ve got some football to watch, some coursework to read, and a nap to take.


One thought on “I Better Get A Post In

  1. Heh! You go girl! I am proud of you AND excited for you! You’ll do great, cause it’s like you said, they won’t expect you to know anything about what your doing until you’ve been taught what to do!

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