And Now For The Rest Of The Tour

I kind of slacked off on giving you the nickel tour of the house. That was primarily because the house was not up to standard for taking pics and plastering them on the internet. Of course I took these pictures several weeks ago when the house was actually clean. I admit it does give one a bit of inspiration to get off my duff and clean it …again.

We left off at the outside of the house, so it’s time to come on in and make yourself at home. I must mention that A Better Homes and Garden home, it is not. Though I guess it could be just for the kind of home it is. If they want to come by and redecorate, I’m all for it.
This is the front entrance now known as the dungeon for the hubs. He just has to have his own “work” space and he made it clear that he needed a gigantic dungeon. Sigh! My parents used to have a hot tub in here many moons ago but the only people who used it was the friends and I and that’s when we were little and made it more like a swimming pool. You also might notice at the top of the book shelf (yes I realize my book collection is pretty slim- one makes that kind of sacrifice when moving half a dozen times) is a picture of you guessed it, the house. My parents had an aerial picture taken many years ago.
Bella says Hi come on in!

The lighting is one thing in the house that’s not the greatest. The recliner is where the madness of the blog happens and where my facebook updates come from. Because we clearly don’t have enough computers in this house.
Here’s the other view. The entry to the left is the master bedroom which you kind of have already seen, and the second goes to BossyBoy’s room, the other entry goes to WonderBoy and BossyBoys rooms and the bathroom.
Here’s the entry to the bathroom. More on those later.

This is the dining room, I like it a lot but I’d love to put some hardwood floors through out the dining and kitchen and modernize it a bit.

This is another work station in the dining room because again we clearly do not have enough places to compute. The kids play here and this is also where my creativity happens aka school stuff, and picture editing/blog headers are made.

I will spare you the kids rooms for now, it’s not overly exciting but I would hate to cheat you out.

We closed on the house last Friday, so it’s officially ours. 🙂


4 thoughts on “And Now For The Rest Of The Tour

  1. Are you kidding?! You didn’t even tell us you closed on it! I’m so excited for you guys! Feel like I already know my way around the house. Hehe 🙂

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