Bloggers and Tiaras Pageant Entry

So Jen at Mommablogsalot told me I had to join this little blogger pageant courtesy of MomDot. She didn’t really tell me but she did enter and she knows I’m all about this kind of stuff. I’m pretty sure she put some kind of cryptic code in her post that simply stated JEAN GET ON IT AND ENTER!

Basically it’s a pageant for bloggers running from Nov 9 thru the 20th where we will have a bunch of hoops to jump through and we then find out who’s the prettiest best blogger in the whole wide world…which we all know is me (not really at all). Sounds like fun to me!

1) Name, BlogName, Twitter Jean, Working Momma 247 (as in my full time job is being a mom 24 hours a day 7 days a week) shockingly my twitter name is workingmomma247, original I know.

2) Have you ever entered a pageant before? Negative

3) Do you have any special talents we can look forward too? Oh I’m certainly good with the random. I’ve also been known to break a pickle jar with a hammer, just cause I wanted a pickle.

4) Name your top 5 favorite sites to visit on the, you do not get brownie points for putting momdot.
My Google Reader is a constant visit at number 1. I also then must check out what’s happening on facebook. I sadly get paranoid that I’m going to miss some major happening by someone, like I must know that an old friend I went to high school with had time to floss her teeth today…not really… but the facebook is for sure a sickness.
I also must have my daily dose of Cake Wrecks I just can never get enough of the witty hilarity.
Attending my farm on Farmtown is also a priority. Sure it’s part of Facebook, but I don’t think that it counts as the same site..right?
Lastly Post Secret is my Sunday guilty pleasure.

5) What is your favorite thing to do when you are not blogging? At this point I would say it’s playing around in Adobe Illustrator which is part of my college course studies I’m doing online. I admit right now if I could be paid to go to school, I so totally would. I also love to take pics of just about anyone or anything.

6) Whats your dream vacation? I’d say a Disney vacation. I want the whole enchilada from Disney to Universal Studios, to Wild Kingdom or whatever it’s called and Discovery Cove. I figure give us a month all expenses paid and we’ll be happy.

7) What blogger do you look up the most too? I love Ree from Pioneer Woman and I love her more after meeting her at her book signing. I was just floored by her willingness to stay well into late hours of the night to make sure everyone in line got their book signed and that she was in no rush to hurry people along.

8 ) If you could be on the cover of any magazine, which would you chose and why? Ooh this is like the interview part of the pageant, I get it now. I would say Southern Living because they feature a lot of blogger stories/recipes and it would be really cool if they actually put a blogger on the cover. Of course I’d have to be a big time blogger, where my entire state hero worshiped me and therefor I would be really recognizable (at least in my home state) and then I would make a cookbook and go on tour…wait, we’re talking about me…never mind.

9) Tell the truth…you want a tiara, don’t you? Please!

10) What is your definition of blogger success? I would say if you get 3 million unique hits a day, you’re obviously doing something right. You’re doing it even more right if you literally give back almost all of your ad revenue to your readers and you’re more than happy to do it.
Here’s my head shot


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