So Totally Blogging All This

There was no way I was going to be able to just hit the hay after returning from a once in a life time event of standing in line for right at 4 hours to meet one of the most popular bloggers on the planet and not blog about it. Sleep would be zero as I would toss and turn rehashing everything. On that note, prepare to brace yourself, as your in for a 4 hour recap. Just think, it will be like you were standing in line with me.

The line was a bit daunting as this was a good 3 stores down from the actual bookstore. We moved 20 feet in an hour. We knew then, that that we were in for the long haul. She promised she would sign every single person’s book, and no one would be turned away. You also could leave your book at the store for her to sign and you could come get it later. There was no way I was leaving. I wanted the whole enchilada.

It was really interesting to chat with the people in line…well I sorta chatted it was mainly the hubs he is such a people person. I realize we aren’t looking overly thrilled. This is still in the first hour. Bless the girl in green who is right behind me’s heart. She had 3 very very young little kids with her by herself! There’s no way no way, you could not pay me enough no matter who it is to drag my kids with me and stand and wait for hours. Her kids were really fairly good the whole time. The people in line were really good about helping to keep them entertained.
You could also tell who were bloggers; they were the ones with fancy cameras and taking pics of the lines. I mean who else would do that? I felt among my kind.

Her kids and MM walked up and down the lines to meet with the people. Her girls are just as beautiful IRL. MM is also not to shabby in real life too…not that I was drooling or anything. The hubs who is not shy at all, would just go right up to him and just talk talk like no body’s business. Not just at one instance but several. Their best buds now. Not really. MM and the middle boy signed my book too. The youngest was not taking autographs. I think the stardom was getting to him.

Love this pic..typical boys.

At about 2 and half hours in, the hubs started getting bored and decided to take pictures of random things in the mall. I spared you from most of them. He took way to many of me standing..waiting..standing and waiting…
This pic he took was actually a cover of a magazine. When I first looked at it, I thought it was a real person in the mall holding this sign.

So close, yet so far away…

At this point the hubs went to the coffee shop and got me a gellato (Italian icecream) it was a tiny scoop with a tiny spoon. When he handed it to me, he didn’t quite hand it to me all the way. You have to understand, I had a full glass of water in my hand, some books in my arm, my camera, and my purse. My hands were a bit full. So when he handed (more like threw) me the tiny cup, I didn’t quite have a hold of it. I literally juggled my gellato for what felt like minutes, trying to get it actually in my hand with out tossing my water and everything else. It felt like suspended animation, as I couldn’t even speak to try to tell the hubs I don’t have it, I was just trying to concentrate on trying to get it. Needless to say, I never got it and it went flying to the floor next to the people behind us. Crazy enough, it did not fly out everywhere. It was hilarious everyone was dying laughing. I must say it was one of the many highlights of the line. It was probably one of those “you had to be there” moments. The kind people reassured me that the gellato part did not touch the floor. Yes I ate it.

At this point were ten people away. I’m exhausted and was actually able to sit all of 3 minutes. I have to tell you about the gentleman you see behind me. He stood in line (behind us) for his boss in Dallas. He was of Mexican decent and did not speak English very well at all. He has absolutely no idea who this Pioneer Woman is or what the big hoopla was about, but stood in line to have her book signed for his boss. We believe that his boss was not expecting that big of a turn out. We told him he should have PW sign the time when she signs it, as a kind of time card and maybe he’ll get extra pay for it. Bless this guys heart. That’s some dedication to the boss!
10:15 Almost There!

See I told you the hubs and MM are like best buds. Their just chatting away from 5 people away.
We made it!

Here I’m looking at the hubs like a deer in headlights. He is such my rock and helped me get the conversation going. He was the one that had to tell her that because of you, my wife started her a blog as well.
She of course had to ask the number one question I didn’t want to answer…What’s your blog called? I said “Oh it’s a teeny tiny spec of a blog and all of 5 people(the most awesome 5 people in the world) read it” and I totally evaded the question and brought up the other bloggers I read, that she had over to the ranch.
Ree is for sure the real deal when it comes to just all around sweetness and literally was in no rush whatsoever to keep the line going. I could have stood another 5 minutes and talked if I wanted. She was just so appreciative and apologizing for the wait. It really was worth all the wait.
(It would probably be weird if I framed this right?)
I felt like the crazy stalker woman, as I would see someone of her family that looked familiar just walking down the crowd and say oh that’s her sister Wetsey or that’s so and so. She (Wetsey) was taking pics of the line…don’t be surprised if you see my mug or better yet, my husbands mug, if they post pics of people in line. We were right there among the hoopla.

One more thing….
Happy Birthday S! ( I so hope you can see this pic with your work restrictions…if not you’ll have to wait til you get home. Neener Neener)

I also must thank the hubs for taking me and keeping me company. I know this was the last thing he wanted to spend 4 hours of his precious time doing, yet he did it anyway. He really is a keeper. He also knows I would so totally do the same for him for his sci fi stuff. My parents are also the bomb for staying out way past their bed time to watch the kids for us.


9 thoughts on “So Totally Blogging All This

  1. Omigosh! How cool is that?! I was just about to write and tell you how I was drooling at the moment by moment detail! I actually looked her schedule up and saw she was in Tulsa, but didn’t get to go! Ooooohweeeee! I’m so excited!!!!! You’re the best!

  2. AWESOME!!!!!!! Great blog post…awesome recap! Your hubby is such a stud for #1 going with you and #2…being buds w/ MM!! How totally fun. Isn’t it awesome when you are surrounded by your kind. You are right, the tell tale sign is the camera. It was kind of like that when our STL group got together when Bossy came to town.

    She’ll be in town mid November, can’t wait!!

  3. Oh I am so jealous – last time I checked her website she definitely had no plans to come to Wisconsin lol. My husband is also sooooo much more social than I am which is really funny because when we met it was pretty much the opposite. Congrats on meeting Ree!!

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  5. That is so cool! And keep that husband of yours! What a trooper! I once stood in line to get Marina Sirtis to sign a copy of a script from “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” And she answered a question of mine. I was star struck! LOL

  6. Aw, what fun! It’s so nice they she just wanted to meet everyone and not hurry up and sign. I mean it kind of sucks to stand in line that long, but at least you know it was worth it! I wish she were coming near me…
    (and for some reason all your pics look like they are squished sideways to me…)

  7. Yeah… Dave NEVER would have done that with me. Totally awesome! That was so nice of her to take so much time with everyone too, and you got a fantastic picture. Pretty darn fabulous, Jean! I bet I missed her coming to Dallas, huh?

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