Lets Get Some Random Started In Here

-First off I had to get this off my chest… The Sign Saga continues!!! I can’t even believe it, but somone nailed/reattached the sign back to the post. If I’m lyin I’m dyin! I thought about face booking this but face book and I are not friends right now, even after that little fix I mentioned, besides 72 of my friends would probably have no idea what I was talking about.
At this point I’m ready to make a sign that just says WHERE!? and put it literally on the sign. Yes I admit I’m also this dang close to taking it. If I get some cahonies and post an additional sign you bet my pay check (to bad there is none yet) I’ll take a pic of it and send the story to passiveagressivenotes.com

-I still have yet to hear back from that one company I interviewed for that I felt confident I would get a job with. At this point I probably don’t even want to work there if they don’t need what I have to offer, even after they’ve hosted 3 job fairs and plastered ads all over the OKC paper for customer service reps. It was going to be an interesting drive everyday anyway.
On that note, I applied at a bank for CSR over the phone for mortagages. This should be interesting and way out of my realm..at least I think. I am scheduled for an “assessment test” tomorrow and they said I could bring my own calculator. That doesn’t sound good folks. Gulp! Guess I need to brush up on my quadratic equations.

-I started back up on EA Active after losing the disk during the move. I’m not sure how or why it wasn’t with the rest of the dvds and Wii games but whatever, it’s again kicking my butt as expected. Which is good, I guess.

-Tonight Gameboy has his school play/musical. He has a speaking part which was nice that he told us unlike his brother, so I’m ready with the camera this time. He’s very “dramatic/enthusiastic” when he practices but says he’s too embarassed to be that way at school. I’m really trying to encourage him to just go for it, as it would be that little cherry on top of awesome if he stood out and actually acted. We’ll see how that goes.
I’m also very disappointed that his teacher never tried to get back in touch with me after sending him an e-mail about his conference. I never got a slip saying what time, so I pretty much missed it and wanted to reschedule, ecspecially after seeing his report card. It wasn’t horrible but it certainly wasn’t fantastic either. We seem to go down this road every year. He gets in a slump then brings it up then back down again. Unfortuneatly Mr. M is on his last year and will be retiring. He’s also been out several times this year due to blood pressure issues. I’m pretty sure this means that his teaching fire has pretty much burnt out and the awesomeness of a teacher we had last year isn’t quite up to par. Bless his heart! So were going back down “that” road again.

-I also must mention BossyBoys teacher, though there’s really not muct too say. Sigh! Let’s just say I’m really not overly impressed with her. She’s a bit of a well… I’m not even sure of a nice word for it. Not the brightest bulb in the lighthouse maybe. I’ll just leave it at that and say bless her heart, she has all those kids to deal with all day so give her a break. (whatever)

I’ll leave you be at this point.


4 thoughts on “Lets Get Some Random Started In Here

  1. I agree with Jen, you should put up that sign! 😉

    Also, don’t brush up on quadratic… if it’s mortgages you’re going to have to be figuring percents and interest! Good luck! 😉

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