A Couple of Thank You Notes

Thank you guys for reassuring me that I am certainly not alone in the depression life boat. I believe just writing it out and actually out right saying Hey I Have Depression, was the first step to getting better. I do feel like a huge monkey has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m not really sure why depression is such a thing to be ashamed of. Maybe it just makes one feel weak and vulnerable. I really do appreciate reading your stories and knowing that things really will be ok. I really could hug and kiss all your necks and tell you I’m sorry. You’re all an inspiration!

Another mention of thanks is needed….

Dear Co Conspirator (Whoever you are)

I am so relieved to know that we were not the only ones who despised that House For Rent sign. I must hand it to you, you did what I would have never have thought to do. You really are my hero! Not only did you take the sign down, you did the next best thing, you simply took the sign off of the post and laid it on the ground, hence the post is still in the ground but the sign is not. Genius I tell you, pure genius! Because I know as well as you do, that the sign was nailed or heavily fastened to that metal post, so there’s no way it just blew off.
I admit that I was tempted yet again to take it back down, but I knew my second attempt would just involve me literally taking the dang sign, under the hubs threats. So thank you, thank you for finishing what I tried to start to do. I’d love to buy you a beer…or Dr. Pepper or something. I just hope those crazy people don’t attempt to put it back up again.

Thanks again!



One thought on “A Couple of Thank You Notes

  1. haha glad to hear you aren’t the only one annoyed with the House For Rent peeps. I really just don’t get their stupidity for not leaving contact info on the dang thing! Silliness!

    Also glad to hear you are feeling a bit better about the depression thing. I can totally relate to the need to put it out there in writing. It’s great catharsis.

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