Wordful Wednesday: Fall At Home Mini Tour

I keep teasing you with the fact that I’m going to do a “home tour” and the fact that the Vlog camera is no longer funtional; I figure the next best thing would be to give you the nickel tour a little at a time for the next few weeks.
Here’s the house, the one that’s underground. I know what you’re saying, wait..what… underground? 90% of the house is underground, what little of the front you see is not. My dad designed and helped build most of this house.

This is the circle drive that takes you into the backyard, well it doesn’t take you into the backyard cause it’s a circle, but you get my drift.

Just some pretty trees. Trees are a plenty here, unlike suburbia North Dallas.
The roof, the roof is covered in dirt and sunflowers.


4 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday: Fall At Home Mini Tour

  1. That? is too cool! I remember when I was in high school going to someone’s house that was like yours in that it was a mostly underground kind. It was very neat. Especially since it was the dead of summer with temps upwards of 95 degrees and we walked in and it was nice and cool and wonderful and there was no A/C!

  2. The trees, house and flowers are beautiful. Great pics!

    P.S. I know you don’t answer comments often, but what happened to the VADO? Didn’t you get it replaced?

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