Day Book Oct 19

Outside My Window: It’s sunny and mild with some wind. It actually blew the cover off of the “batmobile”.

I Am Hearing: The cable dudes talking to the hubs and the dogs whining in the garage. We are getting this really high speed internet (faster than normal) hooked up, even though we don’t need it anymore since I’m not taking the work from home job. Hubs still wants it anyway…of course.

I Am Thinking: I need to really get caught up on the housework and lunch would probably be a good thing now too. I’m also patiently waiting on some kind of job news for both hubs and I. That one company that was supposed to be dream company in Dallas, supposedly had a lot of issues last week and still hadn’t decided on who to hire yet, we are supposed to know by today, though they told us that last week. It’s been interesting.

I Am Thankful For: The kids being back in school today after being off Thurs and Friday -I’m not saying I’m happy to get rid of the kid..or maybe I am. I’m just thankful for the peace. Lucky for them their off again Thursday for Parent Teacher conferences. Don’t even get me started on the crazy convulutedness that is.

I Am Wearing: My new favorite jeans that actually fit good and a little black top.

I Am Hoping: To hear something back on the job front soon. I may sound confident in thinking I’m hired, the only reason I say that is this company has had three job fairs with in the past 2 months and obviously still need to hire quite a few people. I feel pretty confident that 6 years customer service experience would be something their interested in, since that’s the type of job I’d be doing. If not than I’m not sure what their looking for. I’m also sure I will find something soon.

From The Kitchen: I’m literally going to make this plan us as we speak. It should be interesting…
Monday: Chicken Fajitas
Tuesday: Tilapia and Rice – I realize we have this literally every single week, it’s mainly for the hubs. I personally whip up something else for the kids and I. Fish and rice make me want to gag at this point since I’m so sick of it.
Wednesday: Headed to the grocery store-

I am Reading: I’m going to be honest and say that reading has taken has completely gone on the back burner. I really am focusing primarily on my online studies so that should count for something right?

I am Creating: This past weekend has been a fairly “crafty” week. I’ve been working on Bossy Boy’s skeleton costume. I must say that it’s coming out fairly cute and it’s been a lot more work than I anticipated just to get it anatomically correct. Prepare for an Anatomy 101 lesson as soon as I finish. I know you’re tingling with excitement on that. I also carved 2 of the 3 pumpkins yesterday. Why can’t my children just want a normal crazy pumpkin face instead of doing one of those fancy carving templates? It took me 2 hours to do one pumpkin. Though call me crazy, that’s the kind of thing I enjoy doing. I also did a little patio display of halloween decor including the pumpkins. Look for pics once I’m done with the pumpkin. I believe I’m on creation overload. I guess making up for lost time.

Around The House: Like the focused artist that I am (HA!) the house itself has gone to the wayside. I totally picture myself like the famous struggling artists who’s houses are a complete disaster because they are so into their work. It hasn’t gotten that bad yet.

One of My Favorite Things: Carving crazy pumpkins and creating halloween and decor and just getting my creative juices going all for fun and the kids. It sits dormant for weeks and then I just explode. I will cry the day I can’t create something fun for the kids anymore because they’ve outgrown it.

Plans For The Rest of The Week: Finish up pumpkin #3 and the skeleton. Attend parent teacher conferences, and put some kind of order back to the house. That should cover it.

Picture Thought: How ’bout a collage thrown together at the last second?


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