Because I Really Need The Random

The weather here lately has completely put me into hibernation mode. All I want to do is sleep and my motivation factor to do anything is completely zilch. No, I’m definitely sure I’m not the P word. You know you were thinking (wishing) it too.

The job front situation sits at this- I had a phone interview yesterday with the work outside from home company which seemed to go fairly well. She actually has me targeted for an “agent” position which pays a dollar more, with obviously more responsibility. She asked if I could jet down there that afternoon for an interview. I told her I could squeeze her in between Dr. Phil and Oprah in my busy schedule. Once I arrived paranoidly early since I wasn’t exactly sure how far it was, I then awkwardly waited over 30 minutes after my scheduled interview time to be seen. Every 5 minutes the same person would come up to me asking over and over again, who I was waiting to see. Anyways, they finally just grabbed someone else to interview me as the other lady seemed to be jam packed with interviews. The interview went OK I guess, I just felt odd cause the dude really had to just base his information off of me by the fly. Can I also just mention that it was my first actual in person for reals interview ever? My first “real” job interview was conducted over the phone and I was pretty much already hired anyway, they were just going through the motions. I actually wasn’t nervous for this interview at all (shockingly) though I did feel my answers were lame and non inspiring. I was told their people would call my people by the end of the week and training would begin the 2nd of November. If I’m hired, I most likely will take it. I’m dreading it and looking forward to it all at the same time. If I didn’t have a 45 minute drive one way every day, I think I’d dread it less. The dude mentioned that their company is in kahoots with Disney and they get some perks from them. Hello Disney World tickets.. maybe? That would be sweet!
Other than the job thing, I’ve been scouring my brain to be inspired for a new blog header. Nothing has really inspired me. I keep thinking something fall themed but I feel like that would be so lame. I’m not sure why. Then I feel I would have to change my blog theme phrase if I do start working. I want to keep the paid in hugs, kisses and dirty dishes theme but will have to add pay check and 401k and make it sound catchy rhymie. I also want to take pics of the kids at the pumpkin patch to add to the blog but at the same time feel like I can’t wait that long. I’m just really antsy and feeling pent up I think is what it is. I’m blaming the weather.
This post is now officially really bugging me for whatever reason so I’ll just hit publish and get it over and done with. Have I mentioned I’m a bit cranky?


3 thoughts on “Because I Really Need The Random

  1. Well that’s good news! It’s still hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that you aren’t just down the street anymore, even though we never really took advantage of that. I got discount Disney tickets from my company when we went a few weeks ago. Sadly there were still mucho expensive. I hope yours is better!

  2. We should be in cahoots. I’m feeling pretty random, lazy, and cranky this week. I have just gotten zilch done. 😦
    Good luck with the job thing. I know commuting SUCKS, but I’m sure it will work out for you!

  3. I think the weather has been bumming me out, too – you add the waiting for a job frustrations and I can see why you’d be feeling cranky, I know I was the same way between Dan getting laid off and landing his job with Dream Company – so here’s hoping a Dream Company comes your way soon AND that the weather improves. ::hugs::

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