Wheel or No Wheel

Saturday the hubs and I headed I practically dragged the hubs to the next town over to take a crack at the Wheel Mobile. It was a good thing it was at a casino that was close cause that was the dangling carrot to get the hubs to go.
We were supposed to show up an hour before the first “game” to fill out the little application to toss my name in the hopper and hope for my name to be called. Of course since we are not ones to follow the rules, we showed up about 10 minutes before, and I luckily had seconds to fill out my quick entry and get it turned in.
I wanted to give you a small background of how I mentally prepared for this day. You know like how Tiger Woods prepares for a big round of golf. I knew that I was going to have to bring my game face. That meant getting way over excited than I normally would. I also knew projecting my voice was going to be key…something I’m not blessed with as I’m pretty soft spoken. I also played mental “interviews” in my head. I did not want to just stand there and say duh… I’m just a stay at home mom and uhm yeah that’s about it. I wanted to show the Wheel Crew that not only was I an exciting person on the outside, I also had a fascinating life, at least I want to sound exciting on the inside. Believe it or not there were moms that went up there and said “I’m a stay at home mom.” Mr Announcer guy would ask “What do you like to do for fun?” “Uhm I don’t know” is how they would respond. I was so ready to spill my story. This is what I was going to say; “I’m Jean a S-A-H-M of 3 boys(yes I was going to spell it out…cause I’m the epitomy of dorkness) that lives under the ground, then he would ask “What do you do for fun?” “I’m a mommy blogger, yes we have our own special category. I also love to play fantasy football.” I then was prepared to answer anything about blogging and anything fantasy football. I will admit that I practiced my little spiel each and everytime a new player went up for their interview, yet sadly my name was never called.
I will say that I’m thrilled that we went, as it was a lot of fun. Once you got over the initial blast of gameshow cheese from the host and “Vanna”, it was so much fun. Yes even the hubs started to really get into it.
The next part was the players just trying to solve the puzzles. I know what everyone says, it’s so easy when you’re not up there in front of the crowd, and once you’re up there it’s so much harder than it is. Folks the puzzles were really fairly easy and they really weren’t looking at how good you could solve puzzles. I was going crazy trying not to shout it out and there would only be a 3 or 4 letters on the board. I literally was shadow boxing the hubs to try not the spill the beans.

The crowd was really not that big of an issue. The really interesting thing was how small this casino was. We decided to take a small risk of gambling for fun once we got over the fact that it wasn’t meant to be for me to be on the wheel. We came out nicely ahead (nicely is a little too nice), but it was certainly more than we came with and at least we came home with something, which is always better than nothing.
I mentioned in an earlier post my video issues, so obviously I didn’t get to VLog it. I also didn’t bring the camera cause I’m just dumb. The hubs did get my pic with Vanna but it’s on his phone which doesn’t help matters for this post.
Oh, and you needs to know I’m marking this off my 40 at 42 list.


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