Day Book Oct 12

Outside my window: It’s drearily cold and wet. I’m pretty sure fall was never this cold/wet this early, even for OK.

I’m Hearing: The hum of my computer. It’s actually pretty quiet this morning.

I’m Thinking: Quite a bit actually (refer to my previous post). I’m really just a jumbled mess of thoughts and nothing really coherent enough to even type.

I’m Thankful For: A busy fun filled weekend with the family.

I Am Hoping: This wet/cold weather is not a sign of worse things to come. I am a total Texan pansy and I’m not afraid to admit it.

From The Kitchen:


Tues- Baked Tilapia

Wed- Pork Chops

Thurs- Mexican Meatloaf

Fri- Leftovers

I Am Reading: Technically I’m reading Love In The Time of Cholera and I’m pretty sure I’m not any farther now than I was last week. I’m in a sad sad blase blah reading mood. T.V. really is such a time suck.

I Am Creating: I’m planning to whip up some halloween costumes this week. I’m not sure at all where or what I’ll be doing in the next few weeks as far as future work plans go, so I’m going to try and get as much as I can done.

Around the House: Just the normal stuff, nothing major. I’m planning to put up the halloween decor as well. The excitement chills me to the bones…not really.

One of my favorite things: We took the boys Friday to the high school football game. I prepared everyone to not be overly excited as our town’s football has never been to noteworthy. We froze our tootsies off and only stayed through half, though I have to say the boys really enjoyed it and all be darned if the Jackets didn’t put on a great show. Lots of fumble recoveries and interceptions and cashing it in for a few touchdowns. I’m pretty sure there was never that much excitement during my high school days. Though I may or may not have been paying that much attention either.

Plans for the Week- The boys are out of school for fall break Thursday and Friday. They are beyond thrilled about this because they never had  Fall break in Texas. They also get a fall party-which is really craziness in my opinion but who am I to be a party pooper? I’m also hoping to get the fall decor and costumes done. Yes I’m sorta creating the costumes, at least for Bossy Boy. He wants to be a skeleton, and I’m not about to go out and “buy” an already put together costume that might be to mature for him. My plan is to get some white fabric or muslin and cut all of the bones of the body and hot glue it to some black sweats. I want to try and make it as anatomically correct as possible. We’ll see how that goes…

Picture Thought of the Week- I would have shown you a pic of the kid in the school play, but we didn’t bring the camera. I would have also shared a pic of us all bundled up at the football game, but again I didn’t bring the camera. Then I really would have shared a pic of me trying my darndest to be on stage for the WHEEL, but again no camera. The hubs did take a pic of me with the cutout Vanna White on his cell phone but it’s in his phone and e-mailing it to myself would be a pain in the butt. It’s probably not that good anyway. I will at least promise to tell you my Wheel Mobile adventures tomorrow or something. At least you got that goin for ya. 🙂


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