Should I Stay or Should I Go?

It’s been an interesting past several days on the job front. The hubs was told he would find out either way on Friday if he got the job in Big D, instead he got a big fat nothing. We’re assuming he didn’t get it, and in reality we’re kind of relieved because things would have been really interesting and seeing the hubs only on the weekends for an extra long period of time, doesn’t sound too thrilling for me or the boys. Money isn’t everything ya know?

Remember I mentioned my big Woo Hoo about working from home? Well, yesterday (Saturday) I got an e-mail for another job offer that is outside of the home. I haven’t officially got this job yet, they pretty much said here’s our salary plus benefits are you interested and how soon can we call you for a 10 minute interview? Not to be over confident or anything, but this company is hiring several hundred customer agents and have been advertising for months. Some how I feel pretty sure they’ll hire me on. I actually wrote them off because I was playing phone tag with the recruiter for the interview and it was her turn to call me back and she never did.
Here’s the deal: The work at home job would be seasonal and I’d be working peak holiday hours for a decent wage. The thing is, that would be it, once Christmas is done than I’m no longer working until Feb, then May, and my guess is the hours would be 11 hours straight with only 1 30 minute break(from what I was told). Folks, even working from home, that’s close to slave labor in my humble opinion. That’s being on the phone for 10 and half hours straight for who knows how many days in a row. Even during storm season at my old job, we got some breaks. Though at the time it never felt like it. The other thing is, I’m starting to get paranoid about the idea of working from home and juggling the kids in between. There’s going to be a good possibility that I will be working right through when the kids are home for Christmas break and I’m going to have to “ignore” them for 11 hours straight. I don’t see them leaving me alone for that long. I thought about my mother coming over to help out if the hubs was working -of course if he’s not by that time than he could watch the kids, but the hubs WILL find work hopefully sooner than later. I just don’t feel right taking that much advantage of my mother, she does have better other things to than babysit the kids for 11 hours everyday. Not to mention the fact the added expenses out of my own pocket for specific higher speed internet, dedicated phone line, and specialty phone and headset. Oh and there’s no benefits.
The other job is offering a fairly decent wage for a starting out customer service rep, PLUS BENEFITS! –that my friends, is a biggie right there. We’ve been without health coverage since June. Knock on wood we’ve breezed through so far.  This also would be full time all the time, though my days off and hours, shifts would vary. There would be no set in stone M-F 8-5 work week. Though it would really help a lot until C gets on the job train.  The problem is; this place is way on the other side North of OKC(we’re talking Quail Springs Okie friends). It would take me a good 45 minutes if not more on a good day when the traffic isn’t unbearable (though it pales in comparison to Dallas traffic). Let’s not mention inclement weather, cause home girl doesn’t do inclement weather. I haven’t had to drive in “bad” weather going on 10 years. I mean I will if I have to but I don’t like slipping and sliding to get to work. I am not ashamed to admit that I’ve got a little bit of Texan in me now. Anything less than 60 degrees is freezing cold for me. 🙂
I’m really at a fork in the road. Should I stay or should I go? I’m going to wait to confirm my decision once I have my “interview” with the new company. I’m sure whatever will be will be. I should be greatful that I am fortunate to have the background I have and that companys are willing to scoop me up like vultures. Wish I could say the same for the hubs.


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