I Feel Like I’ve Been Pretty Reclusive Lately

I just have not been inspired to write anything that wasn’t just a pile of random mumbo jumbo…wait don’t respond to that. Oh, so guess what? You’re getting a pile of random mumbo jumbo.

-First and foremost; as some, if not most of you know, I got a J-O-B and I get to work from H-O-M-E! There’s a lot of work to do just to actually work from home. Who knew? I’m seriously wiped out just getting everything ready; like the computer, phone, and paperwork oh my! I will say that once I get trained, which I don’t start until Nov 2, it’s going to be a lot of work during peak holiday season. It’s only seasonal but the pay will be sweet, just A LOT of WORK! I really hope it’s worth it. If anything it’s only really going to help us through the humps of the holidays…if that makes sense. If I’m awesome enough through the holidays, than I could possibly choose to work full-time. One thing at a time though, and I’m honestly not trying to rush into full time work yet. I think the seasonal will do me in enough.

-Tomorrow is also another fateful day for the hubs. He went to Big D on Wednesday for his Grand Finale interview and their supposed to let him know by tomorrow(today). The funny thing is, it’s between him and one other guy. This was a bit of information that the hubs really didn’t want to know. I don’t blame him. Coming into second place does not get you the prize, no matter how good someone says 2nd place is. We shall see. We both decided to accept defeat in our brains (victory would make things really sweet though) as we figure if he doesn’t get it, it only means that he’s supposed to search extra hard here in OK, the place where we moved too, the place where we live now. It would be a challenge for him to commute on weekends and just being gone all the time with travel. Though the other irony is, he would also be able to work from home, but usually they go around meeting with clients(in Tx, or La, or OK-that’s the areas he would be working) and what not, so working from home would mean working from his one room apartment or whatever. It all will be interesting how things pan out for sure. Seriously, we will be fine and happy either way.
-The other funny thing is, we are now really working on the paperwork of buying the house from my parents, it’s getting closer and were getting around and through some red tape. Normal people of course, don’t buy houses unless you know, they have jobs, but we aren’t normal folks and normal people don’t have generous parents like ours. 🙂 Of course they put it so delicate as to say; “you would have just inherited it anyways, you might as well take it now.” I hate it when they put it that way, I don’t want to inherit their stuff anytime soon, I want them around for another couple decades or more. So I’m happy to buy it from them and keep it in the family for a few generations.
-One more rattling of random to mention-
Wonder Boy, my future television superstar/gameshow host/ comedian had his school play tonight. Just like my typical mother of the year moment I forgot (wait for it….wait for it…) the camera. You thought I was going to say I forgot, again, like last year, didn’t you? No folks, I told the hubs to grab the camera on our way out, and did he listen? No. He thought I meant I was grabbing the camera or some such nonsense. Now normally it wouldn’t have been a big deal because, it’s not like he had the staring role or anything right? I mean, he’s probably just going to blend in with the rest of the crowd, yawn. Wrong! It wasn’t actually the starring role, but he had the most perfect fitting role for him ever and I didn’t have the camera. He was hilarious and he was the best acting out of the whole lot. Everyone else were like robots fumbling through their lines. He… was… acting! His scene was a group of kids playing charades. Guess who was the kid doing the charades? You guessed it. He also did some lines and wait for it…sound effects. Do you want to know what the really funny thing is? He did NOT tell a single soul in his family, that he had a “acting” role in the play. There was no note saying here’s his lines to practice, or anything. The note only said he will be a kid in the play and to wear a solid colored shirt. I figured that meant he’s just in with the rest of the group singing(and it’s going to really long and a yawner). Needless to say, I think I did a few back flips in my chair when he got on stage. He got some laughs from the audience, he was such a natural and you could tell that he was just doing his thing. I was so proud of him. You better believe he’s going to be very active in drama when his time comes.

If you’ve stuck with me this long then bless you. I did want to mention one last minial thing. I have been waiting and preparing to give you a VLog tour of the house for 2 weeks now. I finally got the house to a somewhat mediocre standard to give you a tour and the video camera is dead Dave, it’s really dead Dave, just exactly like the one I had previously and got replaced. I’m not even sure what to say at this point, other than you can’t give a gift horse in the mouth or something. I don’t want to mention the company or anything like that, since I wasn’t asked to review it, and it was given to me as a “gift”. Besides, I think I have mentioned it at one point. It looks like I’m back to videoing with the camera which makes things tricky when doing home tours from the roof of your house (have I perked your interest?). I may just overwhelm you with pics instead.
That’s the yolks folks. I will be sure to give you live newsbreaking updates on that social media that is facebook, so stay tuned with WM247, we’ll keep you informed and promise you’ll never miss any of your programming.


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