The Day Book 10/05

Outside my window: It’s pretty darn chilly outside. Hello fall, I’m not sure I’m ready for the cold cold yet. Well toto, we’re not in Texas anymore.

I’m hearing: Commercials on T.V. and the dog must be having a dream as he’s yelping and whining in his sleep.

I’m thinking: The Sonic commercials always crack me up. I’ve got a lot going on this week, more on that later.

I am thankful for: being able to spend a great birthday weekend with my family and no one really had to make a big trip for the occasion. My MIL did drive down from Tulsa but that’s like 90 minutes compared to 3 hours.

I am wearing: My scrub pants aka pajamas and a t-shirt oh and my hoody cause I just got in from waiting at the bus stop and I’m still chilly.

I am hoping: That today is the grand finale of interviews for the hubs and we get to hear the fate of our destiny soon. Not that I’m over anxious or anything. I’m also hoping and praying for my bloggy friend Krissa’s hubby. He’s in the hospital with some serious stuff going on so sending some bloggy friend love her way. I also heard that Cake Wrecks Jen’s hubby is also in the hospital in Dallas with pnuemonia, hope everything goes well for both those guys. I really would have loved to have been in Plano (again just down the road from our old little town) for their book signing. So funny the irony.

From the kitchen: Mmm… a plan for the week.
Monday- Baked fried chicken
Tuesday- Ham
Wednesday- ham rice and cheese casserole and a trip to the grocery store.
Thursday- chilli hot dogs/ frito chilli pie
Friday- Leftovers

I am reading: Love in the Time of Cholerea. I don’t know how I didn’t know that the same guy wrote Hundred Years of Solitude which I read earlier this year. I think I’m going to really like this one, I just have to really turn off the T.V. and really get into reading it. The thing is about this author, is he really likes to color a detailed beautiful picture of the story, which gets the story itself off to a slow start. Not to mention each page probably has a million words on it and the chapters are never ending, other than that I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a good interesting read.

I am Creating: I’m not planning anything to crafty this week.

Around the House: I have Bossy Boys room left in the organizational extravaganza.

Plans for the Week: Monday is the hubs 5th interview hopefully the grand finale, Tuesday- parent teacher conference for Wonder Boy, Wednesday- I have a job interview..wait what? yeah it’s funny, it’s for a company that would allow me to do customer service at home (woot). I just happened on the site last night and it immediately had me answer a long series of questions and then took me into a simulated training customer phone call thing. I guess it tests to see how fast you pick up on doing customer service and determine the best way to handle different situations. I was pretty impressed, right after the simulation it scheduled me a time for a phone interview. It all just happened so fast and I had not even really submitted a “application” or resume. If all this goes well, we will have to look into a call center type headset and phone. I’m really hoping they are really flexible and I can pick my own hours. Lots to do for this if it works out. Thursday- Wonder Boys school play. Saturday- The Wheel Mobile! It should be an interesting week!

One of my favorite things: My chenelle socks I got for my birthday and my red velvet cake. Love these socks!

Picture Thought:
Cake Wreckie enough? I love when my dad orders our cakes. Red roses Gah! This is not the red velvet cake you’re looking for. My mom also had ordered a cake and did not tell my father, so we actually had two. Rose cake was not great in taste-pretty dry for my standards and WAY to much frosting. The red velvet was delish thankfully! I didn’t get a pic of it.


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