Some Updates On Some Things

-The hubs had his 2nd interview this morning. He of course dazzled them with his mad skillz and now we wait. Which is always the hardest and longest part.

-Remember my House For Rent antics? Yeah, the sign is back up people! I repeat, the sign is back up! Unbelievable and yet still no other indication of where this house is. Another car drove by yesterday, turned around again, pulled into my neighbors driveway and I’m pretty darn sure they asked about this house for rent. Not that I’m a nosy neighbor and have super sonic hearing or anything, you just kind of get a general idea about things. At least I’m assuming all of this. I’m very tempted now to add a sign to their sign that simply asks WHERE??? or better yet, COULD YOU BE MORE SPECIFIC?

-Our hopes for purchasing my parents house through an individual sale have been a bit dashed for now. Lots of red tape and money to go through and we decided the tax credit wouldn’t be worth it, if we have to pay almost half of what we hoped to get back after closing costs etc… We thought just signing paper work through the lawyer would be cheaper, but it’s just as much as it would be to go through the right channels. I’m not disappointed by any means, as we are so blessed to be in this house and pay what we pay.

-I’ve been really looking into finding local photography classes. The community college used to have continuing adult education classes for things like photography, creative writing etc.. but I guess they don’t do the types of classes that don’t require taking all classes to get a degree anymore. They do have classes at the OKC musuem on Saturdays for really cheap, but I’m not sure if it’s what I’m looking for. Still could be fun though. The other class I found, which also seemed reasonable expects you to have a SLR camera, although my camera isn’t just an average point and shoot, a SLR it is not.

-I’m really learning a lot in my online studies but there’s a few minor set backs like the “class assignments” which there really isn’t any. There are exercises to do in the book like playing with text, layouts, and color, which is all well in good but it doesn’t specifically tell you how to do the exercises with whatever graphic/photo program you already have. The exercises in the book are not required but just for fun. It also acts like you should already know how to do it/ have the really expensive software to do it. I’m pretty sure in my course objectives that there will be a class for Photoshop or whatever but it kind of doesn’t help me now. I am learning a lot about the history of design and Gestault theory and have been playing around with the stuff I can. It really is pretty interesting.

If the hubs gets this job, then I’m really going to kick it in gear and see what else I can add to with my online studies.

That’s all for now folks!


2 thoughts on “Some Updates On Some Things

  1. I cannot believe they put the sign back up and still didn’t add any info – really how dense can you be? I think your idea to put up another sign is brilliant – if those poor people are still trying to rent their house, you could do them a big favor by cluing them into their little mistake. 🙂 You’d be like a hero.

    I took a photography class at a community college one summer when I was in college and while I didn’t learn the things I thought I would learn there, I did learn a lot and I enjoyed it. What is it about the class at the museum that you aren’t sure about? I hope you find a class that works for you – good luck!

  2. You really need to add something to the sign! Just write Where? on a piece of paper and tape it on. This time go in the dark of night, however. And make sure your hubby takes pictures! LOL

    Here’s praying he will get the job. We have dealt with joblessness here and it’s not pretty!

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