Day Book Sept 28

Outside My Window: Very nice sunny morning

I Am Hearing: Ellen and the hum of the air purifier

I Am Thinking: That I’ve really neglected decent posts and updates on the blog. Like I didn’t even mention our ventures to the fair much less share pics. I’m not sure what is up with that. I’m also thinking I’m turning 32 on Saturday and a teensy bit freaked out by it. Is this week technically my “birthday week” or is next week? Me personally, I try to celebrate both weeks when it falls on a weekend, just to cover my bases.

I Am Thankful For: You guys sending us good vibes through out the hubs interviews. He’s on for a second interview tomorrow with that one company mentioned last week. More good vibes are always appreciated!

I Am Hoping: All works out for hubs on the next interview. I will say that he is like the zen master of job interview questions. He mentioned one of the questions that was asked of him -Name a specific time when you went above and beyond for a situation at work. His response; if you love what you do, like what I do, I know I went above and beyond every single day, because it’s just something I really love to do. It sounds a bit cheesy, but he really does love what he does and he didn’t say it just to sound impressive, he really meant it. I’ve never seen anyone put 110% passion into something like he does. It’s inspiring really. Anyways…that’s my rare gushing moment on the hubs.

From the Kitchen
-Monday beef cabbage soup
-Tuesday orange chicken with rice, I can’t wait to try this one it just sounds delish!
-Wednesday home made pizza – the last homemade pizza I made went really well, though the dough was puffier than I would have liked. Hubs loved it though.
-Thursday tillapia and rice
-Friday leftovers or whatever I can scrounge up

I Am Reading: I’m hoping to get to the library today- I’ve got to get hopping on that Fall Reading Challenge. I’ve been putting off the library to long.

I Am Creating: I’m thinking for Wordless Wednesday, to focus on a color every week and somehow think of a way to go through the main colors of the rainbow. I’ve been meaning to get started on this at some point but life kind of got in the way. Since I Heart Faces theme this week is Blue, I figured what better time to start than this week. As usual killing two birds with one stone is highly regarded in my book.

Around The House: I’ve got 98% of the house unpacked and things somewhat put where I want them, although the boys rooms are “unpacked” I haven’t done anything as far as organization/cleaning. Needless to say, 3 rooms to clean compared to 2 is not something I look forward to. I know you’re saying the boys should clean their own room, and they do, it’s the control freak in me that needs to organize the chaos, other wise if there’s no home for the toy to go, then it goes in the sock drawer. That’s my children’s philosophy. The plan is to tackle that this week. I also want to finally do a Vlog tour of the house. Hopefully by Friday. I know you’re dying of anticipation.

One of my favorite things: Finding a grocery store that carries my favorite tea (Swiss Miss Green tea with honey) …We interrupt this post with a posty tangent… I may have mentioned this before, but around this area of OK, the grocery store selection is few and far between. I have no idea why this is .. I mean people do have to eat. I guess they figure the big box super stores are good enough with the very small sprinkling of smallish stores in between. I was spoiled in TX with a grocery store or three just about every which way you turn. You had Kroger, and Albertsons, Wally World and Tar jay and Sprouts, and sheesh what am I forgetting? Here you have Wally World way on one side of Town, Tar Jay way on the other (Tar Jay a bit to high for groceries for me) then you have the smaller stores that are not Kroger or Albertsons but just the local non chain stores. For the most part they are OK they just don’t have everything I’m used to. I finally remembered one local store in this area that still is a bit out of the way, but they have really remodeled and it’s pretty decent on selection. Prices are meh Ok.The thing is I don’t buy a lot of name brands but I also don’t like to buy the yellow label brand aka the really cheap brand, I’m a middle of the road non name brand kind of girl. This store has only name brand or yellow cheap cheap brand. Anyways the good thing is, this store has my tea and a awesome bakery where there’s a red velvet cake just calling my name. What more does a girl need than cake and good tea? …. We now bring you back to your regularly scheduled post already in session…

A few plans for the rest of the week: Send good vibes to the hubs tomorrow for his second interview, organize the kids rooms, bury myself under the covers while I reassure myself that 32 is the new 22, eat red velvet cake (oh yes I will have that cake), also celebrate my mothers birthday with me (we’re birthday twins in case you didn’t know).

Picture Thought: This pic cracks me up. That my friends is the infamous Indian Taco I keep doting on and on about. It is the size of my face. One slight issue with the Taco this year, I paid 8 dollars for basically cheese and lettuce. I got very little meat/beans and the dough was not the usual dough. Yes I went to Dans, but Dan’s has so many “chain” trailers at the fair, that it makes you wonder is it really Dan’s or are they just saying their Dan’s? I’m sorry was I talking to myself again? I’ve been doing that a lot lately.


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