House For Rent

I’m not the type of person that does wild and crazy things. The craziest thing I’ve done lately is buy name brand Spaghetti ‘O. That’s as crazy as it gets around here until today.

There’s a sign at the main entrance of our neighborhood that says House For Rent. That’s all it says, there is no number or any other sign/indication of where this house is for rent in the neighborhood. The sign has been there for months at least as long as I’ve been here. None of my neighbors (that I know of) have any idea where this elusive for rent house is. People are constantly driving up and down this street looking for this house or their looking at our house (another post my friends). Our street is the grand pooba of streets and nosey people looking at houses, even when there’s not houses for rent. Yes they have thought it was our house for rent at times. Needless to say this sign has been a nuisance.
I finally mentioned to the hubs today, that if I had a enough liquid courage..ahem…I’d take it down myself. I wouldn’t steal the sign by any means, I’d just take it down as if some major storm came through and blew it down. The hubs decided I needed to take the sign down minus liquid courage.
We pull into our addition and of course the hubs parks on the other side of the street, making my getaway that much longer. I sat in the car debating with him on who should do it, somehow I got the short end of the straw.
I checked the time 2:15 whew.. timing is everything since I’m doing this in broad daylight. Cause if I’m going to be caught removing someone’s personal property on a public street, I’d rather it be between the hours of 9am-2pm when normal people are at work. I’m not one to make a scene.
I run to my destination in hopes that it will only take me mere seconds to pull the sign out of the ground, place it on the ground and then make a mad dash back to the get away car. Would you believe this sign was held in the ground with a metal stake with claw like graspers on it? There’s no way this sign was gonna blow down. Needless to say, it took me hours more seconds than I would have liked to pull that sucker out of the ground. During my endless struggle, do you know what my accomplice the get away driver decided to do? Lay on the horn like a crazed maniac. Why you ask would he do this? One to draw any and all attention to my “crime” cause HA HA that’s funny and two to completely scare the bee jeebus out of me while doing it. I did not falter though folks, I stood my ground and got that crazy sign out of the ground and made a mad dash back to the car.
I figure I really helped the situation than hurt it. My theory is the person renting out the house probably already rented it out, and does not live nearby, and completely forgot to take it when the house got rented. If possibly they did still need the sign up, they can always put another sign up/discover that it merely “blew” down and that’s the end of that. Plus I’m pretty sure my neighbors would/will thank me for my service.

Can I just say that even though I felt like I just robbed the bank and got away with it, the adrenaline factor was really pumping there for a bit. Oh and it didn’t hurt with the blog fodder either. 🙂


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