I Just Feel Like Some Random

The hubs has been hit and miss on the job interview lottery. I may have mentioned he had one a few weeks ago, he just didn’t feel right for that company and the commute thing itself would have been anything less than interesting (OK to TX) so he pretty much chalked it up as “it wasn’t meant to be”.
Fast forward to yesterday and he got two calls within 10 minutes for interviews for this week. He had the first one today. The interview was in McKinney which was minutes away from our old house but the job was to be in a town in OK right at the border of TX/OK. He wasn’t sure if the commute and pay would really be worth it and let them know straight up when he arrived. He figured he would go ahead and take the 3 hour drive to the interview and hope to inquire about the position in Norman that was open and see if maybe they would be so dazzled with his skillz that they would refer him or whatever. Needless to say the stated that the position in Norman was already filled and so it was kind of a bust for the trip. Again I think it just wasn’t meant to be.
He has one more Friday, again this one is based in TX (oh the irony and all the jobs he applied for months ago in TX are suddenly asking for interviews) and would require a lot of travel. We’re hoping that this is the one, as the pay would be well worth the week of being away, because he’d most likely be gone most of the week anyway. This company is also a very similar company to our old job place. They have the same similar clients our old company had, so it would kind of be a bonus for him and them since he already had some established relation with their same clients. (if that makes sense) We’ll just have to see how it goes. Crossing our fingers for this one!
Of course I would hate for the hubs to be gone all of the time and I know that the commute every week/weekend would be hard on him, but I’m really hoping that once he gets established they will let him work from home. If this one doesn’t go through than I know it’s just not meant for him to commute to TX and the whole reason for us moving here would have been for not. I’m trying to reassure myself with that fact. Can you tell I’m just a wee bit over anxious for him to get to working again…somewhere….anywhere.

* I realize I should add this next part to a totally separate post, just think of it as getting two for the price of one. *

Bossy Boy is having a love/hate relationship with kindergarten. I honestly am afraid that he’s getting bored with it, as in he’s not challenged enough. I may or may not have mentioned that the stuff their doing seems so, whats the word?.. pre-schoolish. I’m pretty sure that most kindergartners have had pre school and already know their letters, shapes and colors. I just think they really should up the skill level or something. They did give us a huge booklet of sight words to learn, and I’m not one to brag but I will anyway, Bossy Boy had the whole booklet nailed by the second week of school. Even the little beginning reader he brings home every week is laughable..err I mean is to easy for him.
He does have his days like any kid where he just does not want to do his homework (yes they do have homework every night-I’m pretty sure it’s just to torture the parents) and he thinks it’s to hard (not).
Then the best part of kindergarten of all, is that he has a best friend in his class that not only rides the same bus but lives two doors up the street. Oh the memories! His little friend W and his sister comes down to the house every morning to catch the bus. It’s just so cute. Little W is the typical 5 year old boy with a smarty pants mouth and looking for trouble. Bossy Boy and Little W are like two peas in a pod, something tells me that if we stick with this house thing forever, that those two are going to be life time buddies. Sniff, brings a tear to my eye.


7 thoughts on “I Just Feel Like Some Random

  1. I know who you are talking about and they are adorable. They go hunting with my dad and their grandpa. My dad tells me W stories all the time.

  2. oh and the walking to your house to catch the bus kind of reminds me of two best fiends who had a well made path between their houses!

  3. The sad thing is that there are a lot of kindergarteners that have not had preschool, and do not know their letters or colors, etc. The Princess is facing the same thing, and we just do reading at home to help her learn more.

  4. Well, I will certainly give your husband finding work high consideration in my prayers.
    And BB sounds like he is going to love being there! That? Is great!
    You know how it is at school… they do review for what seems like forever before they get to new stuff each year. They’re probably doing a lot of that and then again, there’s probably a part of the class that didn’t get the pre-schooling. I am sure it will get somewhat more challenging. Hang in there.

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