Day Book 9/21

Outside My Window: I do believe the sun is finally going to shine for a few days.

I’m Hearing: Ellen

I Am Thinking: I’ve really got to get this house under control and I just haven’t gotten to that point yet. I’m getting there slowly but surely. This cough business hasn’t helped much.

I Am Thankful For: The opportunity to spend a lazy Sunday with my family and then actually getting to head back home the same day in just 15 minutes. It was awesome! I’m also thankful to be in this house and having the possibility of buying it from my parents at an unreal price.

I Am Hoping: We get all the information we need as far as buying the house (of course having a job to go with buying the house would be bonus) and being able to take advantage of the new home buyer tax rebate. Which would help us start the process of doing some updates to the house and just having that extra cushion is always a good thing too.

From The Kitchen:

Monday or Tuesday Spaghetti/Fair -Depending on what day we decide to go to the fair also depends on what day we eat spaghetti which of course all depends on the weather and when the hubs wants to go.

Wednesday- Chicken breasts in some form or fashion. I’m looking for a good recipe that’s casserole related.

Thursday- Ham

Friday- Not sure yet.

I Am Reading- Nothing really at the moment. I’ve been so blase about reading lately…shame on me.

I Am Creating: I’m still working room by room on the house. I’ve got most of the living room done, and most of the kids rooms d0ne, they just need some help in the organization department. It’s so weird for them to each have their own room. I don’t know what toys to put in what room, as they all share their toys and the whole separating them out thing has been more chore than expected.

Around the house: I felt like Handy Jeanie putting various pieces of furniture together this week, from the kids beds (I finally put the bunk beds together, something I didn’t do the last move- of course their easier to put together when their not in bunk bed form.), the coffee table, a stereo cabinet turned book shelf media cabinet. We have been moving these cabinets for 3 moves now. They have been in their box brand new for 5 years, and I finally got one put together. Amazing!

I have to say one thing about this cabinet- the instructions were all in perfect English and I’m pretty sure they were actually made in the good ol’ USA (I didn’t see a single Made in Insert Foreign Country here label anywhere), something you never see with furniture or anything anymore these days. I was very impressed with how they actually showed in each step the diagram with the actual size screw to use. Sorry it’s the little things that thrill me. I’d mention the name of the company but I actually don’t see it listed on the box. mmm….

I still have one cabinet to go, plus getting the rooms organized, and doing some cleaning as well. I’m hoping to do a VLog tour of the house soon. There’s an interesting tidbit of info you have to see about the house. It’s better to see than for me to just tell it. You’ll have to wait and see. Some of you of already know of course. 🙂

One of my favorite things: My little black slipper shoes I got at Sears. They are just so cute and go with anything. Love them!

Plans for the week: Hit the fair today or tomorrow (so ready for my Indian Taco), finish up more on the house.

Picture Thought: Another Wonder Boy creation.


4 thoughts on “Day Book 9/21

  1. Ahh…I am so jelous! Think of me when you are sinking your teeth into the yummy indian tace. Kim told me they are $8 this year….yikes!

  2. Holy cow…$8! That’s nuts! Tulsa fair is not nearly as good, but we still manage to hit it up at some point. Seems like no matter how cheap we try to be, we still drop a boat load of money out there. I think it’s the food b/c we certainly don’t walk away with anything!

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