The Aunt Who Cried Wolf

I haven’t mentioned much about my nuerotic, paranoid, somewhat manipulating, hypochondriac aunt, probably because I never really had to deal with her much like mother has.
To be fair she is elderly, so I try to understand her perspective…sorta.
A little background- my aunt (my mother’s sister) lived in Enid a good hundred plus miles away from my parents.When she had continuous heart problems and was in and out of the hospital, my mother felt it best for her to move down closer to an assisted living apartment thingy, so that my mom could run her here there and everywhere and basically take care of her in her wonder years. In her wonder years she’s gotten a little coo koo (I know karma is a B and I will probably be just as coo koo when I get her age) as in she calls my mother at least 10 -20 times a day to complain about her random aches and pains, remind my mother of her various doctor appointments for the week/day, and or that she needs her meds or groceries.
If the woman does not get her meds in a timely manner she flies off the handle and calls the pharmacist to gripe him out, sometimes it’s not time for her prescription to be filled for whatever reason, and the pharmacist will try to explain this to her but she chews him a new one anyway. Fun times! It’s a good thing my parents have known this hometown pharmacist for eons and he is very understanding.
With that little bit of info here is how it went down today-
After getting the kids off to school I decided to lay back down since this cold has really kicked my butt and then some. The phone rang once and the hubs answered. 5 minutes later it rang again and hubs told me I needed to get up as my dad was in the E.R. according to my aunt (Did I mention that we haven’t changed my parents old phone number as they were on a bundle package with their satellite and my dad didn’t want to cancel the subscription as the contract doesn’t end for two years and he’d lose $200) who was the one that called. She called the first week we were here several times even if she knew mom’s new number blah blah.
Anyways…. where were we? Aw yes my dad in the ER (according to my aunt), the hubs stated that my aunt was trying to get a hold of my mom and couldn’t get her, and my dad was in the ER and she really NEEDS her meds and my mom usually takes care of everything; I guess she went through a whole sob story with C on why she needs her meds. Showing no concern that my dad is in the ER. Needless to say, I fly out of the bed and try to call my mom…no go on the cell phone. I instantly figured that she couldn’t get to her phone cause she’s in the ER and they discourage the cell phone thing. We call the hospital to see if he’s checked in or if we could get a hold of my mom. There’s no record of my dad checking in ER or anywhere whatsoever.
Now a little tidbit of info on my mom. Most would think if something is happening I’d be the first to be notified not my aunt, and you’d be correct on this. The thing is, my mother doesn’t like to cause anyone else worry (I guess she likes to hog it for herself), so it would be so like her to not call if she didn’t feel it too serious. She’s done this so many times before.

I finally decide to call their house, as I was suddenly becoming suspicious of my aunts antics. Guess who answers? My dad, sounding healthy as a horse. I ask what’s going on in an alarmed way, and he’s asking me what’s going on. I tell the story and dad explains that no he was not in the ER but just a doctors appointment so they could do blood work. Sigh!
I figure my aunt was just acting loopy and really wanted to get a head start on her meds and thought I would rush out and get them for her (as if!). According to my mother, her meds would not be ready until 3.
My dad found it a bit humorous and knows that she’s poco loco.
Two lessons learned- we probably will change the number, though it kinda saddens me cause it’s awesome or you know they’ve just had it for a million years. Second, we won’t jump to conclusions when auntie calls.


2 thoughts on “The Aunt Who Cried Wolf

  1. Crazy craziness! I’m glad your dad is okay. We actually have a similarly zany family member – actually, okay, she’s way more bat shit in my humble opinion and that of the psych wards that have treated her, but point is, she can be equally needy and it took a toll on my dad for years.

  2. Sounds like an average day at the VA! You just can’t imagine how many crazy people there are out there. The other day a patient was chewing his wife out b/c he was stopped in the hall and his wife kindly asked him to move along…he let her have it saying that the door hadn’t opened yet (there was no door!). Hehe. Anyway, you can’t change that phone number b/c I’ve had that number memorized for half my life! What will I do!?

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