The Task Today

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with the whole unpack thing.  I’m sure it’s because of a couple of things; one my cold/allergy thing and then second that  just going through the weirdness of living in “my parents house” and making it feel like “my house” and not theirs. Does that make sense? Anyway, it doesn’t help that my parents pretty much left a lot of their stuff.  I’m pretty sure I’ll come around on this. The kids and the hubs also kinda feel the same way. The funny thing is the kids haven’t even visited grandma in her “new” house, so they still kind of have the mentality that grandma lives far far away. We’re going to try and remedy that this weekend.

In the meantime I’m challenging myself to do a room a day. I may or may not post every room but I do feel I accomplish things better when I know that I’m documenting it for posterity. Today I did the Master Bedroom.
Here’s the before
The lighting in the MBR is horrible but technically it’s fine since I don’t live in there or anything. That’s why the pic quality is sucky.
Keepin it real on the non made bed thing. Sorry!

I realize I didn’t get a before of this side, just imagine a bunch of boxes on the floor and blankets stacked a mile high on the cedar chest.
(You’re welcome!) Eventually we’ll get that other bed out, that was my moms and either sell it or store it in the garage or something.
Tomorrow we (errr… I) tackle the living room.


5 thoughts on “The Task Today

  1. I bet breaking it down room by room will help tons to at least make you feel like you have an organized plan. I can’t even imagine how weird the “house swap” must feel – bizzare, I’m sure! Great job on the master bedroom!

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