The Great Mr. Noodle Debate of ’09

Before my gig as a full time working mom, I felt I was an expert in a number of kid shows. Blues Clues and Sesame Street. I could name every character, I could tell you that there was a snail in every scene of Blues Clues and other random non important facts. I always had a special place in my heart for S.S. because I grew up on it and after all it is a staple of proper early childhood development. I honestly always thought it would be awesome to work on a kid’s show. That’s always been one of those secret if only kind of dreams.

Earlier today on Facebook I mentioned what I thought was my expertise on “Mr Noodle aka Mr Nuno”.  This was one area of Elmo’s World that has always put me in a tizzy. Is Elmo saying Mr Noodle or Mr Nuno? I’d hear the kids say it and it still sounded like Mr Nuno. Then I’d watch another day and it sounded like Mr Noodle. I must have eventually convinced myself that it was Mr Nuno and left at that. Fast forward 7 years of not really watching Sesame Street and the great debate reared it’s ugly head again.

I honestly feel like a stooge just mentioning it on Facebook, but obviously you guys had an opinion about it. Everyone agreed it was Mr. Noodle and you would be correct (let me just plow my stuffed up ostrich head back in it’s hole now) and some of you mentioned Mr. Noodle had a sister, some disagreed. I was on the side of I had no clue Mr. Noodle had a sister, unless you count that his brother Mr. Noodle looked like Maria dressed as man with a mustache.  I swear that much is true…but then maybe not.

To ease everyone’s mind, I looked up Elmo’s World on wickipedia. Yes he has a sister, but did you know he actually has two sisters! It unfortunately didn’t  mention anything about Maria from Sesame Street playing the part of Mr. Noodle’s brother Mr. Noodle. According to Mr Noodle’s brother was performed by Michael Jeter who passed in 2003 (doh..I’m thinking I was a very lonely depressed housewife at that time-which I was and made up random stories in my head to entertain myself.) This maybe why he has a sister Ms. Noodle now?

Now you know the rest of the story. I wonder what other great SAHM debates I can come up with on Facebook?


2 thoughts on “The Great Mr. Noodle Debate of ’09

  1. I have watched more than my fair share of SS with Gracie. I think we own all of the Elom’s world dvd’s. Elmo helped Gracie thru all of her hospital stays. We would even watch it in the middle 0f the night if she wanted to.

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