Day Book

Outside My Window: It’s drizzly miserable outside. I guess it’s a good day to be sick.

I Am Hearing: Elmo talking about cameras. The youngest and I are drowning ourselves in PBS kids to make us feel better.

I Am Thinking: That the house is just a total mass chaos, with empty boxes, boxes still to unpack, and just scattered random stuff on every empty surface waiting for a proper place and I don’t have the energy to do a thing about it.

I Am Thankful For: This move finally being done and over with and us living to tell about it.  I’m also thankful the land lord lady worked with us on the deposit and decided to not just charge us for September’s rent. Which would have been silly if we would have paid Sept rent and then she had to turn around and give us our deposit back. This alone  is going to help us get through Sept. I’m also thankful we finally have the washer and dryer up and going, of course this also means I have a good ten loads of laundry sitting patiently waiting for me to do.

I Am Wearing: My new jeans and cute shirt from Sears. I normally never shop at Sears for clothes but when you win a gift card, I have no problem treating myself and no one else.  I think I deserved it. 🙂

I Am Hoping: That Bossy Boy and I get over this cold and that it doesn’t get worse.

From The Kitchen: I am thrilled to finally have a menu plan and that I was finally able to actually do real grocery shopping after what seems like a month of eating quick fix foods.

Monday: pasta figoli soup

Tuesday: pork chops

Wednesday: tacos

Thursday: beef tips with noodles

Friday: leftovers or beans and hot dogs

I Am Reading: I am still reading The Funny Thing Is by Ellen- I’ve been busy 🙂

I Am Creating: A whole lot of white blood cells and mucous -fun! fun!

Around The House: I’m eventually going to get this box monster tamed or at least controllable where we don’t look like we actually live in a cardboard box.

One of My Favorite Things: Finally being able to park in my(a) garage after over 10 years of living in houses with no garage or a houses with garages full of junk. There’s nothing better than being able to unload a car full of groceries inside the garage when knowing it’s raining outside.

Plans For The Week: Priority one working on getting better, Priority 2 make a dent in the unpacking, and that is really about it. I’m just thrilled to finally be “settled”.

A Picture Thought: I took a pic of the “Book Thief” and her bone(that would be Bella the dog for those confused) with my phone last night, but I’m to lazy to post it. I am not however, to lazy to tell you the story behind it.  Bella is VERY protective of her chew bones. If Annakin is within 5 feet of her bone she’s letting him know to back off.  The funny thing is, Ann’s only interest in bones is burying them.  Last night Bella was completely zonked out. Ann casually walked by her bone which was a good 10 feet away from where she was sleeping, yet somehow she instantly knew that he was by her bone and she shot up grabbed her bone. laid back down in her original spot and plopped her bone near her face and went back to sleep.  I don’t know why this was hilarious to me but I had to take a pic of her with her bone. <tap.. tap..tap.. your still awake right?>


3 thoughts on “Day Book

  1. You’re sick because you’ve worked yourself silly! I command you to rest and get yourself feeling better before you put up one more thing! Get some 100% orange juice and take some zinc pills if you have them. Rest and tell the others to pamper you for just a bit!

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