T-13 What’s In Your Closet?

I have been cleaning out the endless amount of stuff in my old room and ran across some really interesting relics and memorabilia from days of yore. I’m pretty sure most people would have gotten rid of this kind of stuff by ahem… 5 years. Not I. I made a list of 13 random things I found in my closet.

1. My original social security card. (I also found my first driver license- I thought they took those things in when renewing?)

2. My old sticker book. I’m pretty sure that sticker book is a little over 20 years old.

3. Every corsage from every prom I attended- 3 to be exact.  Yeah, I trashed those, there’s just some things that really have no purpose to be kept. I realize I could be cool and press them in a book but then what?

4. Extra high school graduation invites. Was I thinking people who didn’t get one might want one to keep for posterity? I don’t think so. Trashola.

5. My wedding cake topper and veil. Keeper of course, though I’m not really sure what to do with them now. I don’t see a future daughter in law wanting it nor possible granddaughter. I have my wedding dress preserved but that’s also one of those what’s the point kind of things.

6. My Cabbage Patch dolls with their birth certificates and clothes. I still don’t see them being worth much if they weren’t in the box. We also found in the coat closet of my parents(ours) my original Nintendo all together in it’s original box. I may have to check Ebay, just out of curiosity.

7. My baby baptism dress. I can’t see getting rid of this, it’s a bit yellowed but so adorable!

8. My first teddy bear. I will not part with it now.

9. A report I did on Ben Franklin in 5th grade (the same grade/teacher Game Boy has) I loved finding this. I typed this report on my mother’s old typewriter and drew a portrait of old Ben and it looks awesome for a 5th grader. I made an A++ on it. I told Game Boy he may have to do a report and he may have a high bar to meet.

10. An “un official” high school transcript for my junior year. I ranked 79 of 343 in my class at that time. Top 100 is not to shabby in my opinion. If you only knew how very hard I was on myself for my grades and thinking that I was a major flunkie for barely keeping a B  sometimes C average in math. I know that I didn’t think being top 100 was very good at all. It’s one of those things where I wish I could go back in time and slap myself around. The world does not come to a complete end when you make a C and know you worked your a** off  for it.

11. My autobiography from 3rd grade. Boys and Peas were icky and Perfect Strangers and Full House were my favorite T.V. shows.

12. NKOTB record (yes record) L (waves at L) gave it to me for my birthday.  They apparently were out of cassettes at the time and that’s all she could get me.

13. Old tap shoes, ballet shoes, and jazz shoes with dance recitle outfits.




4 thoughts on “T-13 What’s In Your Closet?

  1. Awesome finds! 🙂 7, 8, and 9 made me smile!!! 🙂 My wedding dress is in my closet, and I wish I could get rid of it. I didn’t really care for it when I wore it and wouldn’t want to pass that on to anyone! haha

  2. Oh memories – I had to clean out a lot of similar memorabilia from my youth when we moved to Wisconsin actually. I’m sure I didn’t get to everything but I tried to leave my dad’s house not looking like I still lived there. 🙂

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