Just In Case Your Concerned For My Well Being…

All is well in moving land… that is all. Well maybe not.

At this point we are 100% moved out of Texas. C found some great mover dudes to load the truck and they are also taking care of the house with clean up and yard work, so we did not have to travel back to handle all of that. They offered a reasonable price and I’m pretty sure it was worth it and then some to not have to make another trip to meet with cleaning people ect.

On the flip side the movers that helped unload us were not as great – very slow and really technically were not movers but lawn people. Needless to say, 95% of our stuff is stacked in the 2 car garage and I wouldn’t be surprised if  stuff got broken they way they tossed things around. I’m scared to death to see my Christmas decor as when they loaded up the dolly, the load collapsed out and my Christmas decor went everywhere. Did I mention that my Christmas decor had a crash in burn in the garage earlier this spring? So yeah I probably have a ton of broken stuff.

Right now the hubs and I are sharing the laptop as his ‘puter is somewhere in the realm of dispair that is my garage. It’s going to take me months to get it all done and my blog time is limited. I hope to get back in the swing of things really soon.

I’m happy to report that I will not be making another trip to Texas for a very long time. My dad has offered to drive C down on Saturday to meet with the landlord and get his car. I feel kind of bittersweet about not seeing Texas again. I will say that I’m so glad we are technically done with the move stuff. The fun part is doing all the unpacking…at least that’s my favorite part putting my stuff in new places it’s just fun to me, kinda like Christmas.

That’s about all I’ve got for now. Cross your fingers that I never speak of the “M” word again.


3 thoughts on “Just In Case Your Concerned For My Well Being…

  1. “M” is so hard. The hardest move was when we moved next door. It’s silly to rent a truck to move next door, but carrying boxes back and forth was torture.

    Glad you are done. Have fun unpacking!

  2. Well, that’s awesome! I am so glad you are, well… just there! And thrilled that you love unpacking, cause, sweetie, that’s what the next few weeks will be aaaaaall about!

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