Day Book ‘Cause One Can Never Have To Much Random

Outside My Window: Is a giant U-Haul truck blocking most of this side of the street and the mail boxes. Good thing the mail doesn’t run today, the neighbors may not be thrilled about that.

I Am Hearing: Brad Paisley’s Your My Whole World and the washer going and dryer going.

I Am Thinking: I’m on the brink of a nervous break down, but I’ll be ok. We are in the process of selling the junker car in the garage, there’s a slight problem though, the title is in Oklahoma. So there’s a slight possibility I may have to run to OK and back, if someone wants to take this car off our hands tomorrow. Can we say I so wish I had Wonder Woman’s invisible jet (what was the name of it…I may have to google it.) to get me back in time at the speed of light. Updated 5 minutes after posting this- The first dude that is looking at the car right now, is more than willing to pay what we asked and is OK with waiting to get the title Wed. This means the clunker is being taken out of my garage as we speak!

I AM Hoping: The six people lined up to look at this car are willing to pay the full price we’re asking for, and that their willing to wait until Wednesday to pick up the car. My sanity and our bank account would be ever so grateful. See statement above! Can you tell I’m a bit giddy?

I Am Thankful For: That’s really a toughie at this stage in the game. Can you tell I really need some gratitude journaling done? I’m thankful for free boxes and that somehow we’re still staying afloat after countless expenses for this move. God is good! I just have to remain positive.

From The Kitchen: The kitchen is still closed at this point. We’ve been living on PBJ’s and whatever the past few days. I will be book marking Jen at mommablogsalot’s September menu plan, she’s got some great looking links that I can’t wait to try.

I Am Reading: I’m still reading The Funny Thing Is, I realize it’s a quick read but reading is something that I’ve put on the back burner for now.

I Am Creating: Ha! A mess with a house full of boxes.

Around The House: Boxes, Boxes, and more Boxes! I do plan to get things set up and moved around at the other house (which is so hard not to say “my parent’s house”) so when the truck gets there it will be ready. My parents left a lot of stuff!

One of my favorite things: I did take a much needed break on Saturday from anything packing and moving..I didn’t do much of anything actually and at this point that’s as about as good as it gets in the favorite category.

A few plans for the rest of the week: We leave this evening so the boys can get back to school tomorrow. Depending on how things go, I possibly will be back tonight (gag) or I’ll be back on Wednesday(crossing fingers). Thursday and Friday the cleaning lady and yard people are coming. Saturday I’m hoping to pass out beneath the boxes and declare this move done forever! Then we can get back to our regularly scheduled blog program.

A Picture Thought: This is one of the last boxes I packed (I’m done for my part- the hubs has his own packing task) and I figured I needed to document it for posterity

And the complete random crap that’s inside: Just for fun, try to list as many things as you can see in the box.


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