I’ve Just Got A Burning Itch To Blog

In other words chaotic rambling ahead….

I thought this weekend was going to be my last trip here to Texas…turns out I was wrong. We decided to go ahead and try to move ourselves (Lord help us on that!) Tuesday/Wednesday. This means I will be making yet another trip up to OK, so the boys can get to school on Tuesday. Some how miraculously the hubs is going to get cheap labor on Craigslist to load up the truck on Tuesday. We figure if someone needs some extra cash, their willing to work for it. C is then going to drive the truck up to OK and then Wednesday we’ll head back, so C can spend the rest of the week cleaning up making every attempt to get our full deposit back. Crossing my fingers on that…we’ve been messed over one to many times on deposits. We are hoping that by investing a little extra cash for someone professional to clean the house and do the lawn once we are gone, that we’ll be reimbursed fully. Besides after Wednesday I refuse to come back. I’ve burned more of I35 going back and forth in the past 2 months, than I have in 10 years.
Have I mentioned that this move feels like the Timex watch, it’s taking a beating and still keeps ticking and ticking. It just feels like it’s never going to end. I don’t remember being near this stressed last year (disregard the whole 3 posts on the actual move itself that was different), probably because I was excited for the new adventure and we had a little bit of extra cash in our pockets, so a major move wasn’t a big deal. This year every penny counts.
In years past when we moved, I went through great lengths to have major organization. Last year in particular I made color coded stickers for each room and kept a list for everything. I even had a moving notebook to keep everything together. This year it’s been pretty much throw it in a box, tape it, label it, and indicate one important item in it like say the can opener and silverware. I’m so over moving period.
Right now 90% of the house is packed, its that 10% that’s the pain in the butt (looking in the hubs cave with all computer junk) don’t get me started on the garage, I just want to hemorrhage a blood vessel when I peer in it. Most of the stuff is already in boxes and is labeled GOOD WILL, in other words I DO NOT WANT TO TAKE IT, since I JUST DONT CARE ANYMORE!
I know it’s going to be over very soon, if I can just make it through the week I’ll be good.
Happy Labor Day ya’ll! Sadly, it’s just another day for us. Praying that will be remedied soon!


One thought on “I’ve Just Got A Burning Itch To Blog

  1. I am not even a little surprised that this move isn’t going so peacefully – If I had to move again so soon after – I mean it has not been very long since your last move at all – and under the circumstances. Yeah – Get It Done and Move On would be my MO. 🙂

    Try and take a moment tomorrow to rest, even if it’s just for 5 minutes – get yourself a nice glass or bottle of DrPepper and just breathe. It will all be over soon!

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