Riding In Cars With Senior Citizens

Growing up, I always considered my parents safe drivers. They never got tickets and never were in wrecks, so one would “assume” they were good. Something must have changed them when they became bona fide members of AARP.

One would think that since their more mature that their acceleration would decrease dramatically. Afterall, doesn’t a stereo typical senior citizen drive 20 miles under the speed limit, with their right blinker on, while driving in the passing lane? Not my parents.

I knew my father was a bit lead footed a few years ago when I rode back with them to Oklahoma for my grandmother’s funeral. Not only is he fast but he weaves in out of traffic like a mad hornet in a rain storm. He hasn’t changed to much. I won’t go into the little car incident that happened to my van and his car, and his determination to get between a very narrow spot. Bless his heart he thinks he still has the reflexes of a 30 year old.
My mother on the other hand is right up there with him. Thank goodness she doesn’t weave in and out of traffic like my father, but she has her own method to her driving madness. If you ever wanted to know the definition of a true California stopper it would be my mother. She slides through stop signs like a greased pig in an ice storm. She even says its “ok” because nobody’s there anyway. Sigh! I won’t mention that she’s been pulled over 3 times in the past 2 years for speeding. I guess since the officers see a little old lady they feel bad for her and don’t give her a ticket.
Today on yet another visit to clean the other house, she was stopped at a red light and I’m pretty sure she thought she was at one of her stop signs and almost hit the gas like she was going to roll on through. Her defense was it was about to change anyway.

Thankfully they haven’t had any major incidents and the one they did make a claim on, they were driving my van and my dad somehow hit something (they still don’t know what) and scraped the side and completely ripped the passenger side mirror off. They couldn’t find the mirror. My parents looked up and down that part of the street and found nothing. Of course being my dad, his method of fixing it was painting the scrape with sorta kinda matching red paint.
Anytime I get in the car with them and they are driving, I always have my foot on my imaginary brake. To bad you can’t install a brake for the passenger like they do in drivers ed. Something tells me I’d be using it a lot.


2 thoughts on “Riding In Cars With Senior Citizens

  1. lmao oh I’d be terrified – I get nervous when my husband drives and deep down I know he is a very GOOD driver. I can still remember coming to the realization that my father is not the extremely good driver I’d fooled myself into believing he was. It seems like you go through fazes of idolizing / loathing / idolizing and then eventually just seeing them for who they really are with no extremes in either direction. It’s humbling in a way.

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