WW A to Z: Z is for Zookeys

I’m sure last week you all were sitting in anticipation waiting for the very last WW A to Z, and then I dropped the ball and didn’t post it. I hadn’t missed an entire WW A to Z week, the whole 26 weeks, until I got to Z…figures.
I’m sure most of you figured Z is for Zoo yawn…
We actually were going to try and get the boys picture with a Zoologist you know at the zoo when we went several weeks ago (I always planned ahead for most of these folks) I chickened out as I didn’t want to have to go through the whole “by the way can we get a picture of you so I can post it on my blog spiel” so we found Zookeys on the window and went with it. I have no idea what they are, something that plays music or instructional information on different animals..I think. I just thought the word was funky and creative for Z.

This was as we were leaving. You can tell their beyond thrilled and just tired.

I’m kinda sad that this was the last one. I may start it up again at some point. I figured you guys need a break from it and so do I. I may start back up late fall, we’ll see how things go.


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