I Feel I Owe You A Post

(Slamming Head On KeyBoard!!!)

I had an entire updated post on plans for the move; how the kids are doing in school, Bella the book thiefs spaying, and my woes of my mother’s crazy packing technique, all in this very spot where I’m typing now. It’s all gone now…thanks to fast fingers and the wrong button hit.

I shall now just summarize what I said. I’m sure your thanking me, as it was a bit winded…ahem…

We decided to do the move(s) the weekend of Labor Day. My parents are going to move that Friday, and us on the following Tuesday. I will take the kids to Tx on Friday help C finish packing and clean through the weekend, then the kids and I will head back Monday, that way we can stay out of the way for both moves (and I don’t have to deal with the movers). Genius how I figured out how to avoid both moves. One move is entirely enough for me but two in the same week is insanity!

If you know my mother than you know she is a control freak likes to just do things herself and doesn’t ask for assistance. Her method of packing though is driving me bonkers. She’s using every kind of container type thing she can find in the house, pillow cases, gift bags, old boxes, anything that can hold something is used. There’s no rhyme or reason to it and nothing is really labeled. This method of packing is craziness to a control freak seasoned professional packer like myself. Sigh! Some things you just gotta take a deep breath and let it go. It’s not like I’m going to help unpack anyway, cause I know she will want to do that her way too. I admit I like to unpack by myself too. Things just have to be put away my way or I get this crazy tick in my left eye and start spouting crazy nonsense like “you don’t know what your doing, you nimcompoop!” and my head starts to spin in circles. I can’t imagine where I get this inherited disfunction from, as it surely can’t be from my sweet dear mother.
That’s about it for now-I’ll feel you on the other deets later.


4 thoughts on “I Feel I Owe You A Post

  1. Losing an entire post happened to me one time and I had worked on it for a long time and it was a very emotional one. I CRIED. It was horrible. I just took it as a sign that I wasn’t supposed to post about it and finally moved on.
    Man, it was awful!
    Glad to hear you handle it better than I did!

  2. I have moved 14 times in my life (that I actually helped with). I have NEVER moved with movers. I would love that sometime! And I hear you on labeling and having order!

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