My Good Deed For The Week

My mother and I have been Craigslist queens this week. Well my mother at least has been my escort to the various meet ups of exchange of goods.
One particular “customer” we had, I felt the need to share their story.
You may remember earlier this year the fires that broke out in our town, or my parents town, or whoever’s town you want to call it now. Well, our customer was one of those vicitms of the fires. A young single (Im assuming) mom and her 11 year old boy had lost everything including his brand new bike. We happened to have a bike, not so much brand new but rustic. I was selling it for a cheap $15 but when the mom e-mailed me their story, I knew I couldn’t just sell it to them, I had to give it. We didn’t need it anymore and 11 year old boys need a bike and I had one to give. It was just that simple.
I admit, I had a small ounce of second doubt in the back of my head. Could this complete stranger in the e-mail baboozle me for a boys bike? My doubts were quickly erased when we met the mom and her son in the skating rink parking lot. The boy was beyond ecstatic about a bike that any other kid would probably not have been overly joyed to have. He hugged us and thanked us a million times over and his mom did to. He rode it around the parking lot as if it was brand spanking new.My stone cold heart turned to mush.

I regretted two things about my little story. The first that I didn’t bring Game Boy along to learn a lesson of gratitude and goodwill. Second that I didn’t offer to buy them a sno cone at the stand in the parking lot. It would have been the best $1.50 ever spent.


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