The First Week Recap and Some Shameless Begging

This is a video of the boys thoughts on the first week of school. Please forgive my horrible video skillz. Think of it as we’re having a meaningful conversation and I’m making serious eye contact with you.

A few other things I thought I’d mention-

-You may recall that Trix video the boys produced for your entertainment, well their now a finalist at 5MinutesforMom. So you know if you could do that thing you  do and vote for us we would be thrilled. Pay no attention to that really cute video of the twins. 😉

-One would think that 6 hours of freedom would be bliss, I have been so busy doing this that or the other lately that  6 hours flies by and just when I’ve sat down to enjoy it, their getting off the bus. I am loving this no driving all over town to taxi them around though. Thank you public school transportation!

-I am on the job hunt. I hate to be all particular ecspecially in this economy but I feel I have to be for now with the kids schedule.  I admit I just do not want to pay day care if I can help it. Sure my parents are willing to help for the most part but mornings would be tricky and school doesn’t start until 9 (which is crazy).

Im not talking pay wise either, I’m talking flexibility. I have applied at the big huge place where the military has a base as their hiring a bunch o people. Not bad for government work. We’ll see how that goes. If anything I guess the hubs could be Mr. Mom for awhile. Yes he’s also applied but hasn’t heard anything as of yet.

The move thing is also making me drag my feet on the job search. I just want to be here and completely out of the other house so I’m not going back and forth to pack things, clean and move and what not. Yes I’ve already done one round trip this week…it’s not fun. I’m thinking I dealt with 99% of the move last year, this year it’s the hubs turn.

I’m off to get a much needed haircut. Pics to come if it’s fabulous..which it should be.


2 thoughts on “The First Week Recap and Some Shameless Begging

  1. Day-um. I don’t blame you for not feeling inspired to look for a job until you are settled. It’s just hard to concentrate on anything with all the upheaval.

  2. I finally got to sit down and watch this! Your kids are too cute – you are becoming quite the vlogger, missy – that was seriously fun to watch! Hope the haircut came out well – not sure if you’ve mentioned yet or not?

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