Day Book

Outside My Window: Sunny and humid in the great state of OK.

I Am Hearing: Jame Bond on TV- a total 180 from the normal quiet or  kid DVD related sounds I’m used to.

I Am Thinking: A whole bunch which is probably not surprising. I will say this most interesting thing that I promised, about the living situation. My parents have offered to let us move into their house and they move into their rent house. They want to downsize and mom is getting way to old to handle the house and yard. They also want to ensure the kids go to a good school. They still want us to pay the “cheap rent” as planned before, but they are willing make it where we are buying their house from them (at a crazy cheap rate I might add). Crazy stuff folks! We are still trying to adjust to this interesting development.

I Am Thankful my parents our willing to go above and beyond what is expected from any parent and hope we do the same for our kids someday.

I Am Hoping: My oldest and youngest child make it off the bus at the right house and with no hiccups. Did I ever mention my first bus riding home experience? I was so paranoid the bus would not stop at my house that I got off one block over and walked the rest of the way home.  My mom saw that the bus went by and I didn’t get off and had a feeling that I decided to walk and started walking up the street to find me. That was second grade. Needless to say I hope that this kind of paranoia is not inherited.

I’m also hoping Bossy Boy does not declare his animosity toward school like his older brother has.

From The Kitchen: I’m still going with the flow every day. I’m not sure when I’m heading back to Texas to get more stuff done. I can’t wait to finally get settled and actually be able to plan my meals again and just have some kind of control.

I Am Reading: I’m still just reading blogs (though lately I’ve felt overwhelmed and feel I need to downsize again) and doing my coursework. Once we get settled I’ll get a library card here and get back to reading. I miss it but right now things are just to crazy.

I Am Creating: As little as possible. I did manage to finally purge my old bedroom. I never officially moved out when I married and I still had old bank statements and old pen pal letters and college notebooks/papers. It was interesting to see the amount of checks I wrote to Target in those days. That I actually kept my ledgers perfectly balanced- no online stuff for me back then.

Around the house: If I’m back in Texas it will be more purging and organizing, depending on how long I’m here it will be helping mom out with her purging.

One of my favorite things: My oldest being in my 5th grade teachers class. I never would have imagined in a million years that would happen and he couldn’t have gotten a better teacher. The fact that I’d be sending my kids to my old school is just darn right nifty.  He had to ask me at open house how old I was. I don’t think telling him that it’s been 20 years helped the situation. It doesn’t seem like twenty at least.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Right now I’m waiting to find out when Wonder Boy will get to ride the special bus. We’re having to drop off at 3 different schools and that’s a bit challenging. Once we’re in the clear, I’ll be back to Texas for a short undetermined amount of time and then back again.
Picture Thought:
I let hubs have the privilege of escorting his kindergartner to his class on the first day of school. 9 times out of 10 he was out of town for storms for work or just at work and this was the first time he got to take a kid to school.


5 thoughts on “Day Book

  1. Love that picture – too cute – and Oh My God your parents are amazing – I’m sure you will be just as amazing when your kids need it, too. That’s totally the kind of thing my dad would do, actually. 🙂

  2. I am sure that your new kindergartner will remember that he got daddy for his first day at school. That has to be kinda special if he’s away very much for work.
    Great photo, by the way!

  3. It looks like things are working out for you and your family. God knows what we need, he just likes to take the scenic route sometimes to get us there! LOL

  4. When my kids went to school, I loved that my cousin and our neighbor were their teachers 🙂 It is just so nice to KNOW what a good teacher they have, isn’t it?

    LOVE the pic, and that your hubs got to take the Kindergartner to his first day 🙂

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