WW A to Z: X is for X-Ray and some other words

(You guys probably doubted my ability to come up with an X, oh ye of little faith)

This my friends, would be one of the first X-rays I took 10 years ago in X-ray school. No it’s not a real patient, this was a X-ray dummy. That would be an oblique view of your stomach. I do miss my medical stint, but alas it wasn’t meant to be. It looks funky because I taped it to the window- the webbing is the screen.
I was curious about X words in general and found a very interesting listing online. (thank you Google!) I thought I’d share with you some of the most interesting X words you’ll see today.

xanthippe- ill tempered woman
xenial- concerning hospitality towards guests
xenodochial- kind to strangers
xenium- a gift made to a guest
xenoglossia- a persons knowledge of a language never studied
xenophobia- fear of foreigners
xenomensia- menstruation from abnormal orifices ( I don’t think I even want to know)
xerophagy- a fasting of dry food the week before Easter. – When I first read this I thought they said fasting of fast food the week before Easter. I thought wow they have a word for that!
xylogy- the study of wood
xylopyrography- engraving wood designs with use of burning
xystus- a covered walkway for exercises – to think I always thought it was just called a covered walkway
xystarch- Greek officer in charge of gymnastics
xesturgy- process of polishing


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