The Day Book: A Day Early

This week is going to be all kinds of crazy so I figure I better do it now.

Outside My Window: Is a freshly cut lawn done by yours truly.

I Am Hearing: A dog whining to go out, even though he was just out 10 minutes ago. Their worse than kids I tell ya.

I Am Thinking: What am I not thinking? Lots on my mind as you can imagine. Tuesday is D-day or enrollment day. I know I make mountains out of mole hills when it comes to things like this, but I’m constantly in the pessimistic what if this or what if that frame of thinking.  I’m sure all will be fine and they will get enrolled. I just have to keep reminding myself of that.  I think about the quote from a Tree Grows In Brooklyn – So what if the hero doesn’t come in time to save the day and pay the rent? It’s not like your dying…it takes a lot of doin’ to die. In other words it’s not the end of the world and we will just go with plan B -whatever that may be.

I Am Thankful For:  A supportive family that’s willing to take over operation take over my kids for a month or so. I admit,  it saddens me at the same time, that the kids will not be with us for a while. I do plan on making many a trips north in the next few weeks.

I Am Wearing: My pajamas

I Am Hoping:  I’m hoping all runs smoothly for this school enrollment adventure.

From The Kitchen: There is no plan this’s pretty easy to just go with the flow when it’s just the hubs and I.

I Am Reading: Color Theory-  I’m finally really getting into the nitty gritty of my classes. This is my first real course.  I’ll probably be slacking in the actual book reading department until all this craziness settles.

I Am Creating: A stewed up pot of stress and worry.

Around The House: The house is pretty clean for now. I’ve packed up most of the boys toys and belongings and will load up the car to take them with me. At least this way there will be less to move when we actually move.  I feel like an empty nester with the kids rooms all clean and packed away and the house so dang quiet.

My Favorite Thing: Garlic butter from Papa Johns! I hadn’t had any in forever and it was delish and yet so evil.

Plans For The Week: I’m heading up to OK tomorrow-hence why the early post. Tuesday is enrollment and Open House. I will head back Wednesday or Thursday so hubs can have the car to go to his job interview on Friday. I then will head back to OK on Saturday or Sunday to be ready for the first day of school. -If I don’t collapse from a stroke. Somewhere in there I have to get school supplies! EEEKKK!!!!- I hope the supply well isn’t dry for what I need, if you know what I mean.

Picture Thought: Because darn it I miss those guys!


3 thoughts on “The Day Book: A Day Early

  1. Hang in there girl! Everything is going to be okay! “This too shall pass!” I know you miss those boys, but things will iron out soon. And, they are probably really enjoying all this time with the grandparents! I’ll keep you in my prayers!

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