Time For Some Rambling

I have been very unproductive this week and I blame it on the EA Active.  It’s kicking my butt on so many levels I never knew before. I’ve done 2 days and I’ve been walking around the house like an old granny; sitting and standing requires a lot of painful effort.  I’m hoping I just really worked my muscles good and didn’t pull calve and thigh muscles all at once, cause that would be really bad. I plan to do a review on it after this week. You know, in case your curious.

My main plight right now is school. We are still on the fence on what to do and it’s literally driven me to madness. One day I firmly decide, forget the whole mess of flip flopping schools,  I’m going to home school. Then the next day I’m dead set on just sending them to their regular school for now and worry about what comes next later. (We will still have to pay September rent since we contracted for a year and the lease is up in Oct)

It then doesn’t help that my mother has already talked to the private school again and is all geared to send them and go ahead and keep them through August so they can start to school on the first day. I kind of have a problem with my kids being away from me for that long.  I keep thinking the later option is probably going to be our best choice. I just hate thinking of my parents spending a small fortune for 3 kids to go to college private school. The church she attends should be able to assist financially some, so that lessens my guilt a little. The hubs is on the fence as well. He is usually really good about a decision like this and I’ve never seen him this indecisive as I have about this issue.  A decision has to be made today-today is the last day for returning students enrollment/find out who the teacher is day at their current school.

If we do decide to go with private school, I probably will go up that week or sooner ( I’m guessing they will need normal enrollment papers) and be there for the first week. I  can’t not be there for the first week of school.  It would be a big change for the boys- stricter rules, attending mass weekly, smaller classes, the whole nine yards. I think in the long run it will benefit them exponentially.

I know that once whatever is done, I’ll look back on this and think “why was this so stressful, it wasn’t that big a deal?” Sadly my brain is the weighs each and every scenario out until I’ve exhausted every avenue and stressed about it. I’ll let you know what we decide.

Oh I forgot to mention that the hubs was supposed to have his job interview Monday, well.. they moved it up another week.  Which only makes the unknown process of should we stay or should we go that much more stressful.


4 thoughts on “Time For Some Rambling

  1. That is stressful, wish I could help you decide. Part of me says to accept your parents help, but I get not wanting to be apart from them AND not wanting to let your parents spend that kind of money. This economy stinks – and the bottom line is, nothing is permanent these days. You CAN change your mind later, remember that. It’s just a question of where to begin…

  2. Crap! Another week? That sucks! So do you feel like that’s a good thing or a bad thing?
    My kids have never been to a private school and, really have received an excellent education. HOWEVER, if we had had the money to send them to one, we would have done it. I think you will like the structure and the kids will thrive with smaller classes and more one on one help from the staff.
    Let me know what you decide.

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