Here’s The Plan Stan….

It’s been decided. We are doing a total 180 on all the mentioned plans that I told you about earlier. Figures!

The hubs and I have decided that the boys are going to attend school near my parents house. We are going to declare that we have moved in with my parents due to the crappy economy circumstances beyond our control and go from there. This will actually work out pretty well for everyone all around.

If we did the private school thing my mother would have to drive my kids 20 miles out of her way to get them there not counting the extra mileage of getting my sister back and forth to work clear on the other 20 miles side of their town. I just couldn’t have her do that it would have been insane.

This way she takes them to school in the morning (for now) and they can ride the bus to their home.  The schools are excellent (probably some of the best in the metro area) and if I were to work once I officially get there, I wouldn’t have to pay for after school care.

I’m going to have to jump through a few hoops to get them enrolled…like going through a sob story process declaring I have moved in. According to their website I will have to have a residential affidavit proving that I am “living with my parents.” I know it’s going to be a pain in the a** considering they want pay stubs from your work with the address (don’t have a job yet), or bank statements showing the new address (my bank is a national bank we still have checks with the previous address), or a notarized letter from your previous residence  stating that you’ve moved (uhm… we haven’t even officially told our landlord that we’re not renewing the lease yet).

Lots of bureaucratic tape to get through.  My parents are willing to jump on board with this, they see that it would be so much easier this way. I’ve stressed myself over this so much that I got a huge migraine and have been down for the count most of the day.

Looks like I’m headed back up to OK to do this enrollment thing (wish me luck on that-2 schools to explain my sob story). Looks like my kids and “I” are moving in with the ‘rents. I plan on packing up most of their toys and clothes and sending them down with me.  It’s kind of sad as they may not get a chance to come back and say good bye to their old home.  I know it’s for the best and crossing my fingers I have no problems getting them signed in, it’s all going to work out. Tell me it’s all going to work out.


4 thoughts on “Here’s The Plan Stan….

  1. It’s all going to work out! 😉 And you know it really is, too. Your thinking sounds perfectly logical and like you’re doing the best thing for everyone involved. Don’t worry!

  2. It’s all going to work out! Will be great! Just stop by your bank and change your address to your parents address with them. Then ask if they will print out a statement for you. That should have your parent’s address at the top. That might help as far as the school is concerned. 🙂 Glad you were able to work it out! Go Indian Meridian…ah, the good ole days!

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