The Day Book

Outside My Window:  Sunny with a chance of sun.

I am hearing:  My dog chewing a bone, and the occasional zzzz’s of my beloved.

I am thinking:  A lot really. I’m thinking I’m tired of playing limbo, though I know my patience will be rewarded eventually. I’m trying to figure out since it’s a high probablity that my children will not be returning to their school, do I call the school to tell them they won’t be? Game Boy hasn’t been officially enrolled yet, though I think the school gets his paperwork from the elementary school, and Bossy Boy is only semi enrolled since they need more paperwork.  Enrollment/schedule pick up day is tomorrow.  Then Wonder Boy’s special ed teachers will probably really be sad that we left without a goodbye.

I’m also thinking that the best thing for now is to “homeschool” them until we are officially settled, whenever that maybe. I know I’m going to stress about this until the bitter end, it’s all going to somehow get figured out and I will kick myself for stressing about this and life will go on.  Is it sad that I’m more stressed about the schooling than the move and finding work together?

I am Thankful For:  My awesome family, and friends (that’s you guys too) I’ll be even more thankful when the dust has settled.

I am Hoping: the obvious of course. I’m also hoping that things work out for my parents renters. I’m not a heartless person that likes to throw people out and make them homeless for my benefit. Although technically my parents have lots of good reasons to remove them and they have nothing to do with us.  Having a pit bull w/o asking, still behind on rent, and other stuff. Their college kids and their trying to scrape by.  They were supposed to show up to pay back rent and this months rent Saturday, during which my parents were to give them their notice. They never showed and of course could not be gotten a hold of or found at the house.  They have already been warned that they should find other housing so it’s not like it would be a surprise.  I just hope they are able to leave by Sept 1st so we can move in. We’re on  the last of our savings and one more hefty sum of rent will really hurt. I don’t want to have to keep all our stuff at my parents only to have to move it again.

From the kitchen: I have no idea. The kids are in OK. We’ll be fending for ourselves this week.

I Am Reading: The Guernesy Potato Peel Pie Society – This is a cute book written in letter format about a English town overtaken by the Germans in WWII.

I Am Creating:  Not to much. My crafty projects are coming to a close to prepare for packing and more purging.

Around The House: Lots to be done and no idea where to start.  Although my purge project went well, I come home and feel maybe I haven’t purged enough.

My Favorite Things: I did several random VLogs over the weekend, none of which probably merrit sharing. The hubs and I had a steak sandwich supreme, while gone.  The thing is huge and is equilivent to two days worth of calories. The hubs and I ate them a lot while dating.   I Vlogged about it, just not sure I’ll post it.   I also hit the back to school sales early and feel pretty good on what I got. 2 outfits for each kid, a dress for me, and underwear for boys all for a grand total of $7.20.  Thank you JC Penny gift card!  The pickings were already slim so I’m glad I went before the tax free days,  as I don’t think I would have found much in their sizes.

Plans For The Week: The hubs says were buckling down to clean the garage…I believe it when I see it.  I’ll also be cleaning,  and working on school. I love doing the school thing at my own pace. Did I ever mention I took a full semesters worth of Sociology in two weeks? I had to take one more credit’s worth of class for my financial aid and couldn’t really fit it during the regular semester because of my hectic Radiology schedule. I took Sociology during the two week interim period. I aced that puppy with no problems. The instructor told us that she didn’t give us any slack and we had to read a good 10 chapters in two days and test every two days. She gave us everything we needed to know and the interim class passed with a majority compared to her regular semester class.

All that to say I love a good challenge like that and feel my online stuff is/will be the same way. Not to say I’m going to cram it all in two weeks, but I’m certainly going to work my tail off and graduate with honors.

Sorry this one is so long winded…I’ve got lots on the brain and feel I haven’t spewed it out lately.

Picture Thought: Up close and personal with the grizzlies.


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