What Have I Been Up To?

-We headed to the zoo earlier today. I do say it was a perfect weather day for the zoo and surprisingly not to crowded. We saw hundreds of bats and yet we were not in a cave. Skunks, opossums, and grizzlies all, up way too close. Yes it was the zoo and not some crazy redneck animal farm. They have a new thing for Oklahoma animals and it was actually pretty cool!
-Talk about an amazing small world. We made our rounds to some promising prospects for schools. My mother and I started talking to the principal of a local Catholic private school, the one my mother would most likely help us out with. The principal happened to be the mother of a boy I went to kindergarten with. She remembered me immediately once we started talking. She even remembered my name! Crazy since that was 25 years ago or more! Yes, I remember the boy he supposedly had a crush on me ( I had no clue- so his mom ratted him out 25 years later.) and I remember going to his birthday party. Anyways… if we decide to take that route, I’ll at least already “know” the principal.

– I’m not sure how many times I have told you guys about my aversion toward birds. Did you also know that I am a walking target for birds? I have been pooed on by birds 4 different times in my life time, once inside during church among almost a hundred people. How many people can say that? Today was number 4 at the zoo, and I was the target among a group of 10 or so people while walking into an exhibit. I guess it’s better than those lucky people who get struck by lightning more than once a lifetime.

-Just a word of caution. Do not ever attempt to go out to eat with my klan. You’ll regret that decision instantly. I’ll post about my redneck catfish night experience soon. It’s to long for a random posting. You’re welcome.

-I’m getting nervous as the realization is upon us that we really are moving (again!) and in a month’s time. I’m going to try really hard not to freak out like the last move (at least I know exactly where I’m going this time) and make the best of it. Gulp!

-Tomorrow I’ll be up early harvesting and plowing my farmto catch some sweet deals for back to school. Then it’s off to TulsieTown to see the MIL.
See ya on the flip side!

2 thoughts on “What Have I Been Up To?

  1. I love the OKC zoo! It is the best one that I have ever been to. You will have to let me know more about the Catholic schools. I would love for my children to attend Catholic school. We have a great selection of Catholic schools in south Mississippi and have choosen one for her kindergarten year, but we will most likely be moving before she starts first grade. Hopfully we will get to move back to OK.


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